A popular past time for many people is a road trip. Typically, road trips are carried out by personal car. For non-drivers, road trips can also be done by jumping onto a long bus ride.

Securing a working visa, or applying for a working abroad program with us gives you access to some of the best places for a road trip.

Let’s explore how to make your road trip the best one, ever!

Know your route

It is probable that some of the best road trips are on long stretches of road. In fact, the longer the journey, the better!

Pick a destination that gives you the opportunity to drive for a longer period of time to thoroughly enjoy your road trip.

A good idea is to also check for road closures, construction works and traffic a few days before you head off. As a result, you can reduce any unexpected hiccups along the way that may delay or even limit your car cruise.

Another way to prepare for your route is to check the journey on a map. Be it a traditional map, or a sat nav, it is key to do so before you travel. We think that an old fashioned atlas map is all part of the authentic experience. There is something so endearing about getting lost and finding your way on a paper map.

Choose your country

There are a few famous routes that you can take. Namely, Route 66 (US), the Amalfi Coast (Italy), or even Canada to Alaska.

By hand-picking your country, you can plan to sight-see along the way. Take Great Ocean Road in Australia for example. This drive made it onto the list of top 5 drivers wish list in the UK! It’s no surprise – there is a lot to see along the way from rock formations, rainforest and coastal lines.

As if you need another reason to start a work abroad in Australia, we think that there are plenty of exciting routes to take your car in Australia. An iec Canada visa will also get you that much closer to a dreamy driver path!

Check the weather forecast

Whilst the sound or rain drops against the metal of your car can make for a peaceful and relaxing journey, this may dampen (no pun intended) your road trip dreams!

The feeling of the sun on your face and wind in your hair is a thrilling and exhilarating experience. With this in mind, a good idea is to drive a convertible car or one with a sun roof.

In addition to this, you should decide which time of the day that you travel. By doing so, you can plan for a sunrise or sunset adventure!

Countries such as Costa Rica have dry seasons.  If you are searching for a bright, sunny and warm road trip Costa Rica makes for a great choice.

Why not apply for a voluntary job working in Costa Rica to get started!

Perfect your playlist

What’s a car journey without your fav’ tunes? It is essential that you plan your playlist before your trip.

A good place to start is by deciding on your road trip vibe. Feeling moody? Romantic? Happy? Mysterious? This will determine your playlist!

If you are on a road trip with a lover, a playlist full of love songs will surely enhance your road trip experience. Why not travel on an anniversary?

On the other hand, a playlist full of up-beat house and pop songs will make a great addition to any summer road trip with friends.

Remember: drivers should always concentrate on the road. Avoid handling electronic devices or any other items that may cause distraction whilst behind the wheel.

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