C/D1 visa are visas given to crew members of an international airline or personnel or in a cruise line who is in duty to enter into the USA for a brief temporary period enabling them to complete their work in USA.

The C/D1 visa are issued mostly to:
 flight attendants
 captains
 cosmetician
 musicians
 pilots
 ship and service personnel
 technician
 entertainers and
 any other worker on board a ship or aircraft


The following criteria must be fulfilled to be eligible to apply for C/D1 visa:

Members of the crew coming temporarily to USA .
The crew member on board has to show that he is an integral part of the operation. The member on the American waters can stay for a maximum period of 29 days.
Proof of the activities assigned to the crew member
The members identify must be on the list of the crew members where his assigned role is mentioned of the airline or ship crew members. The crew member should not get any remuneration from the US.
Proof that the crew member will return to his home country
This means that the crew member has its own permanent resident visa and only coming to the USA for a temporary purpose.

Duration of stay

A member in a C1/D visa can stay up to for a maximum period of 180 days per entry. Either in several
times he uses his entire stay or uses it on a single block.

Your spouse and children

Your spouse and children can accompany you on your travel on a visitor b visa. If they want to enter into the USA for a different purpose then they have to apply the relevant visa for their purpose.

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