Latvia Investment Visa

Latvia introduced their investment visa (Golden Visa) in 2010. By investing a minimum amount of €250,000 investors are able to gain a residency permit for five years. A new limit was introduced in 2014 and only allow the minimum payment of €250,000 to the first 800 applicants.

After this the investment prices limit rises to €500,000. In addition to this there is a government processing fee of €25,000 or 5% of the property value.

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Key Facts

  • Investment of €250,000
  • Full family residency
  • Flexible. No requirement to reside.
  • Renewable after 5 years
  • EU Schengen visa travel
  • Eurozone currency

Latvia is a part of the Europe zone and is also under the Schengen visa zone. So investors are able to to travel throughout the EU Schengen Zone. Applicant in Latvia are able to apply for permanent residency after five years but will have to live in the country for most of that time. The Latvian capital Riga is only over an hour away from Moscow by air. The majority of residents In Latvia speak Russian and Latvia is a popular destination for Russian seeking investor visas and residency in Europe.

The applicant can apply for Latvian Permanent Residence after they have resided in the country for a minimum of five years. They must have resided in the country for a minimum of four of those years, have knowledge of the language, general history and national anthem.

After living in Latvia for ten years applicants are able to apply for citizenship.

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