Canada Spouse Visa

You could be eligible to obtain a visa to live and settle in Canada if you are in a relationship with a Canadian national. You could be in either a married or an unmarried partner relationship living in or outside Canada.

The sponsor could be those who are a permanent resident or a Canadian national. The dependent visa or the Spouse visa is a process with a legal consent and it becomes simple to obtain the visa when the intent is genuine and the documentation is accurate.

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Who can apply for a Spouse Visa or a dependent Visa?

  • Spouses
  • Fiancé
  • The same sex civil partners
  • The proposed same sex civil partners
  • Unmarried partners
  • Children
  • Siblings
  • widowed parent and the grandparent (aged above 65 years)

The Visa Duration

The issuing is permanent generally. However if you have been in a relationship with your sponsor for less than two years and have no children in common at the time of sponsorship you are subject to a conditional permanent residency. The condition requires the couple to co-habit for two years after the grant of the permanent residency.

The Requirements

To receive the spouse visa, the applicant needs to prove the actual relationship with the sponsor via meeting requirements:

  • Married or cohabiting in a unmarried relationship for at least one year and evidence the same via documents
  • Demonstrate that the sponsor will be able to take care of the applicant in Canada.
  • Show appropriate accommodation in Canada.
  • Demonstrate all the above with substantial documentation

Processing times

Processing times for the Spouse visa can vary depending on where you are applying from. Please get in touch with us to find out the current processing times depending on your circumstances.

The Advantages of Spouse / Dependent Visa

The applicant upon receiving the spouse or dependent visa can:

  • Apply for the citizenship after living in Canada for a few years
  • Live in the country
  • Study in the country
  • Work

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