Portugal Investment Visa

The investment visa (Golden Visa) for Portugal has proved to be one of the most popular program schemes in Europe with investors attracted to the flexibility and benefits.

It was first launched in 2012 and was actively promoted worldwide by the Portuguese government. The Investment visa comes with a minimum limit of €500,000 or a reduced option of €350,000 in real estate which will allow the individual to gain residency permit for themselves and their family (Including children).

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The Golden visa can be renewed every two years, the applicant will just have to spend at least two weeks in the country every two years. 

Once the Golden Visa has been obtained the successful applicant has the ability to apply for permanent residency after five years and then citizenship after six years without the need to reside in Portugal. The applicant and their family will only need to visit Portugal every two years in order to renew their visa, whether they choose to stay longer is entirely up to them. 

However despite the applicant investing in their acquired residency, in order for them to be granted citizenship through the Golden Visa programme, the applicant will have to demonstrate ties to the country and pass a basic language test. Once the applicant has their citizenship and a their second passport it will give them the right to live, work and study anywhere in the European Union. 

The Portuguese residency card granted through the golden visa programme allows the holder to travel throughout the EU Schengen zone.

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