At Alliance Visas we take pride in what we do and we listen to our clients. Here are some recent reviews from our clients.

– Daomiah Robertson

May 2018

I found the staff extremely helpful, and they were very kind. I would have never understood how to go about looking into my Canadian visa, they did all the work and made everything easy. The contact between the staff and I was impeccable. Replies in a hour or so and if I sent an email over the weekend I would get one back on Monday morning. I have recommended them to my friends and i can’t wait for them to join me!


–Shea Concannon

May 2018

I was stressing a lot thinking about applying for the visa, Alliance visas made it stress free! Every question I asked I got a reply within hours, all the staff were great in assisting me. highly recommended. Excellent service from start to finish, couldn’t thank them anymore! Got my visa within two months.


– Hayden Pardoe

May 2018

CAV managed all the details I didn’t know about and showed their knowledge and experience by providing me with the all information and helping me get my visa extremely quickly. the service was excellent and i would definitely recommend others to sign up!


– Luke Gallagher

May 2018

The service for me was informative and super quick with me normally not having to wait more than a couple hours for a reply. Some of the time I felt that I was harping on with my issues of not being in the country causing a lot more problems to arise but Abdul was always replying super quick with ways of getting over these issues as they arose. I would rank the service from Abdul and Alliance visas as outstanding, so much so that I have talked a friend into joining me on my trip to Canada and have had him sign up with your company! Honestly though I really appreciate the help from you guys and don’t think the trip of a lifetime would happen without it so am very grateful 😀


– Claire Freer

June 2017

Alliance Visas was one of the first websites I came across, I found it very informative and easy to navigate, there are pages for Resources and Selected Cases where you can read through helpful links. The features on this website are very helpful and provide answers for a great deal of scenarios you may face, so it was an easy choice to go with them.

The application process was really simple through Alliance as they provide instructions every step of the way and are on the end of the phone or email to help with any problems, questions or advice you might need.

Within a matter of a couple of months I was delighted to receive my visa in what was a stress-free process thanks to Canada Alliance Visas!


– joanne mccullen

May 2017

Alliance Visas have been more then amazing dealing with my application, after many mistakes (on my behalf) everyone I have dealt with in the agency has done more then enough!! Visa is sorted and flights will be booked shortly, massive thank you to everyone that helped!


– J.Whipp

April 2017

Really grateful for alliance visas had many issues with application. Not due too alliance visas. Due to other party alliance visas assisted through everything to resolve all issues and really happy with the out come. Thumbs up!!!! Even still offering help to find work with in Canada. Thanks alliance visas and staff all helpful 👍

Many Thanks


– AdaUche

December 2016

Thanks for a skillful and professional way in which the handled my application. I received my visa earlier than expected.


– Morina Kadri

September 2016

Tamana was amazing through out the whole process of getting my visa, she was always available to answer my questions and talked me through each and every step, it made my whole experience so pleasant and I’m so grateful for her expertise and knowledge, I now have my visa and work permit to Canada and am so excited to be able to live and work with my fiancé. We are so grateful. I would not hesitate to recommend.


– Atmoras Blog

June 2016

I had the best experience with Alliance Visas. I started off talking to a young man named Dan and he was excellent, answered all my questions and helped me to feel at ease as this was going to be the start of a new life for me. Once my deposit was paid I was passed over to Tamanna who was absolutely excellent, I cannot fault this girl at all; I’m not the easiest to work with and press buttons I shouldn’t press and what have you but Tamanna took it all in her strides and I got my letter of invitation only 19 days after being selected from the pool. I am forever in debt with the staff at Alliance Visas as they have given me a new life in Canada, bye bye UK and hello the beginning of my life. Thank you again guys, couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it without you


– Katherine Winter

January 2016

After making the decision to go to Canada we engaged with Alliance Visas to help us get our working holiday Visa’s. I was a bit sceptical to start with due to the initial cost but they way that they helped us and handled our case was absolutely superb. Our case worker, Tamanna, even worked over Christmas to help me get my visa. Worth every penny. Not once did I feel stressed about the process and any questions I had were answered within 24 hours. The CIC website is quite confusing and I will admit that had we not gone through Alliance Visas we would not have managed the process.


– Jamie Faulkner

September 2015

A massive shout out to Tamanna from Alliance Visas. Tamanna was instrumental in me obtaining my Canadian visa. Helpful and always there to assist. Thank you so much again Tamanna.


– Dave Kennedy

February 2015

I want to say a BIG thank you to everyone at ALLIANCE VISAS!! Especially Tamanna who helped me through the whole process! Her advice and guidance is Perfect! Tamanna is Employee of the century!!
Seriously guys, you can’t do this process all by yourself, it’s hard work and you need an incredible and helpful team like Alliance Visas!!


– Taralakshi

August 2014

We contacted Alliance Visas London for our Residence card application. The service was high quality and we were kept up to date. I got my Residence card, Thank you Alliance for the excellent service.The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable and immediately dealt with all my queries during the waiting period. Everything was done very professionally.