UK Tier 5 Temporary worker – creative worker visa

Temporary Workers – Creative visas are visas given to individuals who are coming to the
UK to work in the creative industries, for example musicians, actors, dancers, film crew

This visa has replaced the temporary worker- creative and sporting visa. If any sport person getting
confused by the sudden change in the name they need not be afraid. They can work in the UK with the
international sportsperson visa.

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 To be eligible for get approved under temporary worker creative visa, one has to show that they
are a vital asset towards the UK labour marker, who has a significant role to play. They are either
internationally renowned or they are needed for the continuity of the ongoing work of a
particular project.
 They are required to have a certificate of sponsorship
 To get approval of this visa one needs to get a salary set by EQUITY, PACT or BECTU.
 One needs to show a minimum balance of £1,270 to support themselves for the 28 days.

Certificate of sponsorship

The certificate of sponsorship is a unique reference number given by the sponsor which holds
Information regarding the job and personal details. It is not a certificate or paper document, it is an
unique number which holds all the data electronically.

Multiple jobs as a creative worker

You can do multiple jobs under the same sponsor provided that the sponsor gives you the certificate
that covers the entire length of stay.
One can also work for multiple sponsors, they just have to get the certificate of sponsorship from every
sponsor they are working for.
There cannot be a gap of more than 14 days between each job. If you leave UK and come back, your
time away will not be counted towards those 14 days.


Duration of your stay
One can stay in the UK for the maximum period of 12 months or the period given in the certificate of
sponsorship plus 28 days, whichever is the shortest.

What you can and cannot do

 Study( for some courses you might need the Academic Technology Approval Scheme certificate)
 Work for your sponsor given in the certificate of sponsorship
 Work in a second job in the same sector at the same level for up to 20 hours per week.
 Take up a position in the skilled worker shortage occupation list for up to 20 hours per week
 Access public funds
 Start your own business

Your partner and children

Your dependent partner and children can apply to join you or to stay in the UK if they are
eligible. Their tenure will end on the same date as your which is given in the certificate of


You must able to prove that you have been living together in a relationship for at least 2
years when you apply and have to prove your marriage which is recognized in the UK

Your child has to be 16 or above who lives with you and be financially dependent on you.

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