Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)

Nova Scotia is a beautiful small Canadian province that is located in the north east of the country, the region popularly known as the “Maritimes” region: the Nova Scotia peninsula, Cape Breton Island and over 3000 smaller islands make up the region. The capital of which is Halifax, which is a major centre for culture and art.

It is also well known for its high standard of living, the region being very close to the sea and serving some exquisite cuisine. All of the above mentioned salient features make the region the natural choice for immigrants and opportunists.

The Nova Scotia Nominee Programhas been introduced by the government with the intention of allowing higher numbers of immigrants to settle down in the region with much ease.

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The NSNP accepts applications under the following mentioned immigration streams –

  • Skilled Worker Stream
  • Regional Labour Market Demand Stream
  • Family Worker Business Stream
  • International Graduate Worker Stream
  • Non Dependant child of Nova Scotia Nominees Stream


You may qualify under the Skilled Worker Stream if you:

  1. Have a permanent, full time job offer in any established Nova Scotia business.
  2. Meet the minimum criteria for age, education, work experience and language ability requirements
  3. Have the qualification and the licensing or accreditation needed for the concerned job

The Regional Labour Market Demand Stream which currently remains closed, accepts applications by individuals who have the right skills and experience that are in demand in Nova Scotia at the time of application. A job offer in not required for application to this stream. This stream is open as of the 1st of January 2015, as stated by the government.

The Family Worker Market Demand Stream is employer-driven. It gives the employer the rights to hire a close relative, who isn’t a citizen of Nova Scotia to take up an official job, provided he/she feels the person suits the profile well, and the post has not been able to be filled by any of the resident employees suitably. The worker must have a permanent job in Nova Scotia, that is guaranteed by an employer who is a close relative.

The International Graduate Stream helps employers hire and retain recent international graduates whose skills maybe in limited supply in and around the region. Unfortunately, this stream stands closed as on today’s date. International graduates interested are now to apply under the Skilled Labour Stream.

The NSNP Non-Dependent Child of Nova Scotia Nominees Stream aims at selecting individuals, who are the non dependent children of immigrants, who have been nominated under the NSNP. The applicant must plan to live in Nova Scotia permanently, be employable and contribute to the labour market and economy. It is also required for the applicant to have had one year’s full time work experience.

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program is the first step in the process for a permanent resident visa to Canada. The prospective immigrants may receive a Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Certificate, which speeds up the overall immigration process.

The NSNP is fast becoming very popular amongst the potential immigrants, and the large number of applications received by the government is proof to this fact. The government has been forced to close up a few streams temporarily, because of the overwhelming response. So, if you plan to immigrate to the Maritimes region, you would not want to be too late, or else you may miss a chance, and may have to wait a very long time for a second one.

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