Common-law Partner visa

The Canadian Common-law Partner visa permits Canadian citizens or permanent residents to sponsor their common-law partners and their dependent children to migrate to Canada.

The sponsor needs to be in a relationship for a continuous period of one year without any interruption. The common-law partner can be of the same or opposite sex. 

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Common-law Partner requirements

Common law partner’s relationship needs to be proven genuine and continuous for at least one year with the Canadian citizen or Permanent resident.

Evidence related to their true relationship, financially and emotionally supporting each other. Applicants needs to show their intentions to live together in Canada.

The sponsor needs to support the applicant financially and provide proof that he is able to support the applicant/partner for at least 3 years.

Once the Common-law partner has been granted the visa, they are eligible to work, reside and study in Canada indefinitely.

Applicants are required to provide police clearance report from the country of their legal residence and also provide health certificate. An applicant for Common-law Partner visa can receive permanent resident status in Canada once he/she is granted common-law partner visa.

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