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About Belgium

Known for it’s incredible architecture, scenic old towns and of course how can we not mention the delicious Belgian waffles, Belgium is a must for all those who wish to work and travel in the heart of Europe.

Belgium is the perfect place to relax and wind down as it’s known for it’s relaxed, calm and friendly atmosphere.

Those who wish to work in Belgium will find themselves in an open economy that punches above it’s geographic weight, it has shown strong signs of continuous recovery from the global financial crisis.

The working environment in Belgium is fast paced and demanding, the local workforce is known for being skilled, productive and multilingual.

Those with the best chance of finding work in Belgium work in specialised jobs where there is a shortage of personnel such as accountants, mechanics, technicians, IT specialists.

Those who are able to speak either french or dutch also have an added advantage over those who can’t.

However if you choose to work in the city most people do speak in English and businesses also operate in English.

If you wish to live outside the city it may be better to know either french or dutch as this will make it a lot easier for you.The Belgium working holiday visa will allow you to live and work in Belgium for up to a year.

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