Costa Rica Volunteering Programmes

Help build a stronger community by dedicating your time and knowledge to interacting with impoverished people in Costa Rica.

Sign up to become a volunteer in order to help improve the quality of life of those in need.

You can educate the children, provide emotional support, or just organise various activities and creative workshops in Costa Rica.

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Hands-on Volunteer

On this kind of programme, you will be working on day-to-day tasks, depending on where the help is needed. Such tasks may include interacting with kids, helping out at a second-hand store, teaching math or language classes.

If you want to develop new skills, as well as explore a different culture, this programme might be suitable for you.

The duration of the programme depends on how long you are able to stay, but you will need to dedicate a minimum of one hour a week for volunteering. You can plan all the leisurely activities and explore Costa Rica in your spare time

Teaching Volunteer

On this programme, you will be doing tutoring, teaching sports, or organising workshops for students. The classes are one hours long, but the workshops can range from an hour to two hours of length.

If you are teaching an academic class, you must follow the Ministry of Education guidelines. Depending on the groups you are working with, you can choose the teaching methods and the speed at which you think is suitable for the students to learn the material efficiently.

At the end of each quarter of studies, there is an educational or sports-related field trip organised in order for you to bond better with the students and reflect on what they have gained from the studies. The amount of volunteering hours will depend on the time and schedules. The schedules are reorganised every 4 months.

Community Help

If you are a student who needs to complete your community service hours, this programme is for you. Depending on where the help is required, you will be doing variety of tasks. This programme is normally finished after completing the 150 hours of volunteering.

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