Visitor visa (B-1/B-2)

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Visitor Visa – B1 and B2

Visitor visa are non immigrant visas for person who wants to enter the United States temporarily for business(visa category B-1), for tourism (visa category B-2) , or for a combination of both purposes. Some activities allowed with a visitor visa :

Business( B-1)

 Consult with business associate
 Attend a scientific, educational, professional, or business conference
 Settling an estate
 Negotiating a contract

Tourism (B-2)

 Tourism
 Vacation
 Medical treatment
 Visiting friends or relatives
 Participation in social events hosted by social committee or service organisation
 Participation by amateur in musical, sporting or similar contest.

Visitor visa will not be given to birth tourism where one’s primary motive is to give birth in the US to obtain U. S Citizenship for their child. And it also doesn’t provide permanent resident status. These visas are temporary where the maximum amount of time issued is 180 days.




To be able to qualify for B-1/B-2 visas you have to demonstrate the counselor that:

 The purpose of your trip to the US is of temporary visit, such as for business affairs, to have
a good time travelling around the state or medical treatment.
 A valid passport that has its expiration date beyond 6 months past the date of return.
 A bank statement or proof of funds to cover the cost of the trip, including travel,
accommodation and living expenses.
 Proof of residents in the home town for to be sure that you will return after your voyage.


What are the (B-1/B-2) Visa Requirements?

Documents required

Your documents will thoroughly be investigated by the counselor to give a fair chance to every
individual who wants to obtain the visa for their own purpose.
The counsellor will look into your professional, social and other factors to evaluate your purpose and
reasons for your visit to the US.
The documents you need:
 A proof of your income to be able to look after yourself in your stay.
 Your planned trip or the business affairs that you will undertake.
 Criminal and other records to see your threat as a person of consideration.

Things which are exempted under this visa

 Studying any course
 Long term employment under any US firm.
 Any professional paid performance where there is an actual audience to perform for.
 Working in any creative industries.
 Permanent resident in the US.

Making an (B-1/B-2) Visa Application

Application process

 You need to complete your DS-160 form that contains all your personal details and Other
information that has an attachment with your identity.
 After completing the DS-160 form you need to pay the fees that is required by the government to give you an approval.

For more details you can inquire your query with one of our team member who will guide you through everything which will make you at ease.

Duration of your stay.

When you enter the US, the custom officer will grant you a maximum of 6 months to stay. If you want to
stay longer than the time given, you can maybe apply for an extension which can extend up to one year.

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