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What Is E-B2 Visa?

E-B2 visa are visa which targets mainly three groups of people which are:
Advanced educational degree holders:
Are those people who hold a bachelor’s or a master’s degree and holds a five year experience in the field of their expertise.

People who have an exceptional talent: the talented people who showed exceptional talent and achievement in the fields of business, arts or science.

An International reputation:
The benefits that a person can bring in the betterment of the USA.

Being one of the three category gives you a chance to attain a E-2B visa where you can reside in the USA permanently. That means you will enjoy the benefits and rights of a green card holder. You will be eligible in paying taxes and travel in and out of the USA , and change jobs after a few years.
Annually USA provides 140,000 immigration and out if those 28.6% comes under E-B2 category.




Requirements of E-2B Visa.:

To be eligible for this visa, the worker and the employer has separate criteria that must be fulfilled.
The one who has an advanced degree:
 Show relevant degree or academic records of an advanced degree of bachelor’s and masters or US equivalent.
 Should have a letter from the previous employer stating  that you have 5 years experience on the field after completion of your bachelor’s.

For exceptional talent and international reputation:
 You have to show diplomas, certificate or awards to prove your authenticity of your talents in the fields of business , arts , science, or other fields of expertise.
 Have a letter from your previous employer showing your have 10 years or more of experience in the field of expertise.
 Having a proof of your high salary in the previous work to proof  of your authenticity.
 For having an international reputation, you have to proof that your work will be in need of the US government.

For a US employer who wants to hire an individual who is eligible for E-B2 visa then he must fulfil:
 The employer has to provide a proof that he couldn’t find any able qualified men for the post.
 The employer should not discriminate regarding the salary and conduct for the foreign individual.

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