Permitted Paid Engagement Visa

Permitted paid engagement visa are visas given to individual who is an expert and is engaged with an UK- based clients or an organization to come to the UK on a temporary basis and perform without having anyone sponsoring.
Under the permitted paid engagement visa one is allowed to stay in the UK for about a month if he/she is invited by the UK -based client for any of the following reason.:

 one is here to take part in his specific art as an entertainment or a person who is indulge in a sporting activities.
 To take part in the fashion world as a model
 To take part in the little aspects of it’s work. Ex:-Attending a meeting
 Student examiner or assessor.
 To deliver lectures in the highly qualified educational institution.
 To take part in the selection panel. As a highly qualified academics invited by educations, arts or in a research organization.
 To take part in the selection of the UK- based pilot by seeing your qualifications from the respected country you and from and comparing your to us.

Requirement for the permitted paid engagement visa.

 One must be over the age of 18
 He should be visiting the UK for not more than one month.
 One should be invited by a UK-based organization and the organization should fairly paid him for his events and other permitted engagement.
 Your intent of coming back to the country after finishing your work.
 You should not make frequent extensions and not make UK your primary area of stay.
 You should have enough at your disposal to support yourself during the stay.
 You should have enough to pay for your return and onwards journey.

What you cannot do:

 You cannot study any course.
 You can marry anyone.
 You cannot do another job which is not listed in the visa and which is outside your main job.
 You cannot apply to extend your visa.
 You cannot live in the UK
 You cannot access any benefits.

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