There many people concerned about travel and movement between UK and EU in case of No Deal Brexit.

The current fee movement between UK and EU as it stands will end on the 31st of October 2019 When the UK leaves the UK. Parliament has proposed that much of the free movement framework will remain unchanged under the EU Withdrawal Act until Parliament passes primary legislation to repeal it. UK government will introduce some specific changes, reflecting that UK is no longer part of the EU. This will increase security and better protect the UK public. Some of the measures will be-

  • keep out and deport more EU citizens who commit crimes by applying tougher UK criminality thresholds at the border and also when crimes are committed in the UK
  • remove the blue EU customs channel, requiring all travellers to make a customs declaration by choosing either the green or red channel
  • remove the rights for post-exit arrivals to acquire permanent residence under retained EU law, and the rights for UK nationals who move to the EU after exit to return with their family members without meeting UK family immigration rules
  • introduce blue UK passports starting from the end of the year as a symbol of our new, sovereign identity

After Brexit, EU citizens moving to the UK will be able to apply for a 36 month Immigration status, called the European Temporary Leave to Remain (Euro TLR)

Border crossing post Brexit

For now, border agreements will remain as they are. EU citizens will be able to enter with their passports or ID cards. EU citizens will face tougher UK rules on criminality and conduct committed after Brexit.