Each year, tens of thousands of students come to the USA to learn English to prepare themselves to enter colleges and universities in the United States. Others come to learn English while experiencing American life and still, others come to improve their English to qualify for a better job at home.


The duration of Courses: Each level takes 12 weeks (3 months) to complete. In our program, we have 10 levels that students are welcome to join for partial or in their entirety.

The Cost: Each quarter (12 weeks) is $1,795 approximately.
Start Month: We offer courses year round. Our program also allows open enrollment so students can join any Monday. If the students prefer to join at the official start date,thats fine too,
Location: Los Angeles – Monterey Park and Rowland Heights

Inclusions: In addition to our courses, students can take advantage of our academic partnerships (which allow students to meet the English requirement to transfer to universities or colleges upon meeting level 6 – no need for a TOEFL exam. Students are also able to get free academic advising. Should the student require additional student services, we have those as well – such as airport pickup, housing, and health insurance.