Canada Immigration

Whether you’re planning on living and working in Canada for 1-2 years or even longer by settling down permanently, rest assured that this country has plenty to offer its citizens. Explore your options today and make the move soon – it’ll be worth it!

Canada Working Holiday

The Canadian Working Holiday Program allows young individuals from around the world to enter, live and work in Canada for 1-2 years as well as gain valuable experience of the beautiful country.

The working holiday works on a quota system, meaning that only a certain number of candidates who apply are selected each year.

Because of the popularity of this Working Holiday Program, the quota finishes very soon after opening. If this is something that interests you, read more about the IEC Canada Working Holiday here and fill out our free Eligibility Assessment to find out if you qualify for this amazing opportunity!

Express Entry Federal Worker Immigration Package

The Federal Skilled Worker is the perfect option for individuals looking to relocate to Canada to live and work on a permanent basis.

In order to qualify for a Federal skilled worker, applicants need to have work experience in any occupations currently in demand in Canada as well as have the English language skills and qualifications required. Read more about the requirements for this pathway to live and work in Canada or complete the Federal Skilled Worker Assessment Form

Canadian Work Permits Package

Canadian work permits are designed for Canadian employers to recruit staff from overseas if they are unable to find a suitable candidate within Canada.

The Canadian employer is required to advertise the position in Canada to see if there are locals who could potentially take up the position. If not, they can then apply with Human Resource and Social Development Canada (HRSDC) for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Once the LMIA has been approved the candidate can then apply for a work permit and enter Canada.

Fill out our assessment form now to find out if you would qualify for the work permit. Our Work Permit package includes everything needed to process the application successfully. There are also other requirements to be met for the visa that we can clarify.

Provincial Nominee Progam & Package

Canadian Provinces have their own Skilled Worker Programs and other programs to fulfill their skilled shortages. Under the PNP programs, there are various different routes and visas available. Read more or  Fill an Assessment form for the PNP Program Now

Entry For A Spouse or Partner

If you are married to or in an unmarried relationship with a Canadian citizen or a Canadian permanent resident (including same-sex), we could process you in one of the family class routes. Read more about your options and fill out an Assessment Form to see if you are eligible to take this route with us.

Eligibility Assessment

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