Tier 2 General

If a UK company needs to hire a non EU worker, they may apply to sponsor the worker on a Tier 2 General visa. The Tier 2 General visa falls under the new Points based system.

Under the Tier 2 General stream there are specific requirements which need to be met. The sponsored job needs to be at an appropriate skill level. There are also additional requirements of appropriate salary and advertising the position in media.

The company needs to have a Tier 2 license which can be applied for if they do not have one already. Our expert team are able to take care of everything to do with the application. Send us an email or give us a call today on 0203 757 4656 or email us on info@www.alliancevisas.com.

If a UK based Company is looking to bring in an employee from an overseas branch then the Tier 2 ICT could be the right option to sponsor the worker. Please note there are requirements and restrictions in place for the Tier 2 ICT which needs to be met by the foreign worker and the company.

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Indefinite Leave to Remain

This visa will provide an opportunity to settle into the UK permanently. If the employee continuously works and remains lawful then the application can be made for Indefinite Leave to Remain. The employee must be earning at least £35,000 per year to qualify unless your job is on the shortage occupation list.


Applicants are allowed to bring their dependent spouse and children under the age of 18 with them. Spouse of a Tier 2 general visa holder may seek employment in the UK.

Alliance visas is well placed and specialise in Tier 2 general, Tier 2 ICT and Tier 2 sponsorship license applications.

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