Enjoy the serene, awe-inspiring natural beauty of Canada while making some extra cash on the side with Working Holiday Visa Canada. It’s the perfect opportunity for travelers seeking new experiences and cultures while earning money to fund their travel.

With glistening blue lakes and rugged, snow-capped mountains, Canada is a sprawling country with some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Want an office with epic mountain views and lunch breaks with runs down the slopes?  We have tie-ups with some of the most popular Ski Resorts of the Country that offer seasonal employment so you can experience the picture-perfect powder days in the alpine with no one in sight.

The International Experience Canada program enables young citizens of over 30 countries (usually 18-30 but 18-35 in some cases) to travel and work in Canada.

Depending on your country of citizenship, age, and your criminal record you might be eligible to apply to IEC, so it’s best to check your eligibility by filling out an IEC assessment here. This visa is given for 12 to 24 months and allows you to see how working and living in Canada feels like.

The Working Holiday Visa for Canada can take 2-3 months and once you have it, you can enter the country anytime within a year to activate it so this is the best time to apply for one as you can be in Canada by early next year. We will help you with finding jobs and accommodation for a small admin fee as we have tie-ups with a lot of employers in Canada as you can see on our jobs page.

This opportunity opens a lot of paths as once you have experienced living in Canada and fallen in love with it there are other options to continue staying thereby applying for different visas like New Pathway to PR, Partner Visa, Employer sponsor Visa, etc.