A working holiday visa is a great way to travel and explore the world, while at the same time being able to earn money for living expenses. It’s becoming an increasingly popular way for people to take extended vacations and experience new cultures without worrying about running out of funds. But is it really worth it?

The answer is a resounding yes!


Working holidays offer a variety of benefits that make them worthwhile. In this blog post, we explore the many reasons why your working holiday could turn out to be the best experience of your life (and we’re not exaggerating!).



Travel While You Earn


For starters, Working Holiday visas allow you to live in another country while having a steady income. This makes it possible to stay longer than you might be able to on just savings alone, or to see more places during your trip. The amount of money you can make also depends on what kind of job you find, but there are typically plenty of options available so you should be able to make enough money to cover basic expenses like food and housing.

It is still important to plan the finances in advance for the trip, but having an opportunity to earn more in order to explore places will make you feel supported and far less stressed.


why a working holiday visa is worth it: travel while you earn

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Test The Waters


For those looking to migrate to a different country but aren’t sure if they’re ready to commit, a Working Holiday visa is a great way to test the waters. It allows you to explore your potential new home without feeling like too much of a tourist, to see if it is suitable for your lifestyle. In addition, it will also help you establish connections; connections you will need in the event that you decide to move to that country permanently. The foundation you set during your time there will make it easier to settle for permanent residency.



Live Like A Tourist And A Local


Furthermore, working holidays give you an opportunity to immerse yourself in a different culture and meet people from around the world. Depending on the job you have, you may even get the chance to practice another language, which could open up even more possibilities for cultural exchange. Working abroad also gives you access to local experiences that you might not otherwise have been able to take part in if you were simply passing through as a tourist.


why a working holiday visa is worth it: live like a tourist and a local



Polish Up Your CV


Last but not least, working holidays provide valuable work experience that can look great on any résumé. They demonstrate both flexibility and adaptability—two qualities employers always appreciate—and help build strong interpersonal skills. In addition, many countries offer specialized visas for specific jobs that provide additional advantages like tax exemptions and access to special programs such as health insurance or discounted tuition fees for college students.


Working Holiday visas can bring a new spin on the regular tourist experience. It allows you to both travel and connect with more people to see what they do for a living, as well as experience it firsthand. It can be quite a complicated process, but it is worth it. Besides, we can help with that. Complete our free eligibility assessment to see if you qualify.