More than 30 countries participate in the working holiday visas programs, it can feel a little overwhelming to pick the country you most want to spend a year of your life in – so many options!

A working holiday visa in Canada will provide you with an experience totally different to a working holiday visa in Hong Kong or even Japan.

Selecting a country for your working holiday visa is all about preference, but the decision-making process should be a fun and exciting experience! You should focus your decision making on the country that fuels your interest the most, provides you with the best learning opportunities, and speaks a language that you can understand, or at least learn!

Determine eligibility

Before you can decide, you need to determine which countries are in partnership with your country of citizenship. Whereas there are over 30 countries that participate in the working holiday visas program, not all of them are in partnership with each other. For example, US citizens only have access to six countries (such as a working holiday visa in Canada) at the moment while citizens of Japan have access to 26.

Once you’ve determined the countries you’re allowed to apply for, you’ll need to look at those country’s requirements for citizens of your home country. Some countries have specific age requirements and income requirements that you’ll want to consider before applying for their working holiday visa programme.

Which country interests you the most?

You could be staying a minimum of 12 months in your chosen country. You’ll be immersed into its culture and surrounded by its people. So, you’ll want to narrow your options down.

A Canada working holiday will provide you with a little bit of a nod to the French culture, while a working holiday visa in New Zealand will provide you with a completely difference experience.

A good way to start is by researching a few different places. Get to learn about the cuisine, culture, arts, music, sports and even religious practices. Some countries have sacred and traditional behaviours, dating decades back. You will want to be sure that you do not cause offence to the locals!

If you have a love of live music, you may opt for a country with buzzing night life and a wild festival scene!

Broaden your horizon

Whilst relocating to a country such as Canada is a smoother transition due to no language barrier. However, some people may find that they want more a challenge. Perhaps, whilst enjoying your travels you may wish to pick up the best souvenir – a totally new language!

It may feel comfortable to choose a country similar to your home country, but where’s the room for growth? It’s recommended to choose a country that you can get numerous takeaways from. Return home with a new lease on life and newfound knowledge that you never knew you needed! Challenge yourself and jump right out of your comfort zone.

A good idea may be to go as far away from home as possible. This guarantees a real, and authentic cultural awakening.