Hong Kong is a beautiful, unique country, rich in its history’s culture. A phenomenal option for your working holiday visa program. However, due to the potential language barrier, it can be overwhelming to try and find a job here. Many people simply don’t know what jobs exist!

Luckily, there are dozens of job options in Hong Kong that are actually made for people in the Hong Kong working holiday program. Similar to a working holiday visa in Canada program, Hong Kong offers jobs in a wide variety of fields such as hospitality, English teaching, and working in child care or a technology-based field.

Teach your native language


A popular choice amongst working holiday visa attendees is teaching their native language to Hong Kong citizens. This is usually done virtually through a teaching platform, but there are in-person structured options as well. The virtual option provides you with a flexible schedule that allows you to teach from anywhere you have internet access. What a better way to fund your trip than by teaching someone to speak a new language while you’re sipping on a coffee or munching on some sweet tofu soup or fishballs (common dishes in Hong Kong!).

Popular languages to teach in Hong Kong include:

  • English
  • Irish
  • Italian

Work as a hotel clerk


A phenomenal option for those looking to travel around Hong Kong during their working holiday visa program is working in a hotel. The position that often has the most openings is being a front desk clerk, where you will be checking people in and out of their rooms.

This job is an excellent choice for travelers as it often comes with perks such as free or discounted stays in any hotel within the chain, free meals, and other discounts. You may even have the option to transfer to work at different hotels within the chain which means you’ll never be without a job even if you want to check out a different part of Hong Kong!

The Canada working holiday visa program offers similar job programs if you’re considering the French route instead!

Learn while you earn – Be a tour guide


You don’t have to have a vast knowledge of Hong Kong to be a tour guide. In fact, most tour guide positions in Hong Kong train you on everything you’ll be sharing with tourists before you start the job. Seeing as you are a tourist yourself, you’ll be learning while earning!

Being a tour guide is popular year round and often pays well for even part time positions. You could run a bus tour, a museum tour, a city tour, a food tour, there are numerous options! If you’re unsure of what type of tourism jobs are available or need help applying, Alliance Visas is there to help you!

Work in your specialty field


If you happen to work in a field like medical or technology or even psychology, there’s a chance you have the option to transfer to a job similar to your current one. At the very least, you’ll likely be able to work in an English-speaking field within Hong Kong that works with Hong Kong citizens. This is a great way to continue your current field of work and experience the field in a way you never have.


Taking your working holiday visa in Hong Kong is an excellent choice and you should have little concern about language barriers and job availabilities. Hong Kong is a popular destination for tourists so your options are nearly endless! Speak with an Alliance Visas representative to find a job in hospitality, tourism, food, or even teaching English!