Are you planning to book a working holiday but don’t have the funds to support your journey? Then don’t worry we’ve written up a few money saving tips that will help you fund a journey of a lifetime!

Many people assume you have to be rich to travel, but the truth is if you speak to travellers you’ll see that most of them saved up money through smart ideas.

If you’ve booked or are thinking of booking a working holiday then you won’t have to worry too much about running out of money once you get there, since you will be working and receiving wages. However to travel and live abroad you do need the extra cash to help you settle in and get by.

Saving for a huge trip can be a struggle. Here’s a few tips that might help it make it a little easier and give you a financial head start:

Set yourself a savings goal

One easy and essential way to save up for your holiday is to set up a separate savings account for your travels. You can open up a savings account at your local bank but an online bank would be more ideal so you’re less likely to withdraw money.

By setting a savings goal you are likely to have the money sooner, because you have a deadline in sight. This also gives you room to play, as you will know how much to put away each month.

There are plenty of ISA’s and schemes that offer interest, giving you more bang for your buck!

Cook more, save more

One of the biggest expense for anyone is eating out, especially if you live in a city like London where on average you could be spending up to £30 on food and drinks for one meal! So, now is a great time to learn how to cook!

It’s highly possible to buy your own low cost healthy ingredients and cook your own tasty meals at home. Some other savvy ways to save money when cooking for yourself is searching for the best deals, and buying store brand items. Usually, you cannot taste the difference and can save £’s this way.

By cooking at home, you will get to your savings goal quicker and get your working holiday planned sooner!

This doesn’t have to affect your social life! Invite your mates round and take it in turns to cook for each other. WIN, WIN!

Sell your unwanted stuff

It may seem unwanted to you but one mans trash is another mans treasure! If you have items at home that you know will sell but you can’t take along with you on your journey then sell it.

Selling your stuff is one of the fastest and easiest ways of making some extra cash. Go through all your stuff at home and sort everything out until you have a pile of unwanted goods. There are plenty of apps and market places that are available for you to sell your stuff on.

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