Canada working Holiday Visa provides temporary work permits to young people from over 30 countries, so they can legally live and get a job in Canada. IEC Canada allows you to experience the culture of a new country along with trying some adventurous trips. Here’s what you can do while you are in Canada on a working holiday visa:

1.    White Water Raft in Banff

2.      Visit Niagara Falls

3.      Explore Old Quebec

4.      Witness The Northern Lights In Whitehorse

5.      Skiing In Whistler

6.      Go On A Polar Bear Safari Near Churchill

7.      Explore Haida Gwaii

8.      Spend A Night In Hôtel De Glace In Québec

9.      Enjoy Montreal Jazz Festival

10.  Ontario River Canal Cruise

11.  Taste Some Wine At Okanagan Valley

12.  Visit Cape Breton Highlands National Park

13.  Explore Maligne Canyon

14.  Go to Land of Anne of Green Gables

15.  Ride Via Rail across Canada

16.  Go to Prince Edward Island National Park

17.  Road Trip Through The Rockies

18.  Hike The West Coast Trail

19.  Try The CN Tower Edgewalk

20.  Whale Watching In The Bay Of Fundy

21.  Walk over Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

22.  Zip lining at Cypress Hills

23.  Skydive in Saskatchewan

24.  Climb a mountain in the Rockies

25.  Surf the waves in Tofino

26.  Discover the Sea Caves in St. Martins, New Brunswick

27.  Kite surfing at the Magdalen Islands

28.  Float through Iceberg Alley in Newfoundland

29.  Visit Parliament of Canada

30.  See the Grizzly Bears at Great Bear Rainforest

31.  Relax at Stanley Park

32.  Shop at Saint John City Market

33.  Marvel at Royal Tyrrell Museum

34.  Visit Emerald Lake

35.  Stroll in Butchart Gardens

36.  Pay a visit to Notre Dame Basilica Cathedral

37.  Visit Cavendish Beach

38.  Eat Bagel in Montreal

39.  Place a love lock on the Corkstown bridge in Ottawa

40.  See Wild Bison in Alberta

41.  Catch a theatrical performance in Toronto