These are some most thrilling and rejuvenating activities you can engage in while you’re holidaying in Japan with your friends and/or family.

Climb Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is the highest active volcanic mountain in Japan that is also worshiped as a sacred mountain in the Shinto religion.

A weekend trip to Arashiyama

One of the best weekend resorts a few kilometers away from the bustling city of Kyoto, Arashiyama is a land of nature and heritage. The best thing to do in Japan in November is to visit this gorgeous landscape.

Cherry Blossom Festival

Traditionally called the hanami festival, the Cherry Blossom Festival is dedicated to the two weeks of the spring season when Sakura and Ume flowers bloom all over the regions of Japan. People flock to the gardens in Japan to enjoy an evening of food, drinks, and music under the blossomed cherry trees and celebrate the view of the delicate pink flowers.

Tokyo Nightlife

Shinjuku station is a major nightlife district in Tokyo. Visitors can come across the world famous robot restaurant, Karaoke bars, Japanese pinball parlors, and nightclubs. Numerous ramen restaurants and bars are hidden in the narrow alleys of this district. Local guides are available to help one find the right places to go izakaya bar hopping.

Sumo Show

Ryogoku area is a significant center in Japan dedicated to sports such as boxing and sumo wrestling. The neighborhood is filled with galleries, museums, cafes, and traditional restaurants.

Kabuki Dance

The traditional art form of Japan, Kabuki is more of a dramatized stage play rather than a dance form. Historical events and other well-known stories are always depicted in this art form.

Explore Nijo Castle

Built in the early 17th Century, Nijo Palace was the residence of Kyoto’s first military dictator of the Edo period. It is the only palace in Japan to have been built at the ground level. The castle grounds are lush with charming gardens and are surrounded by sturdy stone walls and moats for defense.

Ninja Museum

The ninja museum in Igyaru is a village museum that allows visitors to experience the art of stealth mastered by the Japanese in medieval times. The guided tour takes one around the premises where the deception of the hallways and weapons to the naked eye can be witnessed.

Try Okonomiyaki 

Okonomiyaki is a popular savory pancake dish that is filled with various vegetables and drizzled with amazing sauces. The best place to try this lovely dish is at the Sometaro restaurant in Asakusa.

Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum

Japan is the only country in the world to have been hit by a nuclear bomb during World War II. The tragic day of August 9, 1945, is still remembered all over the world. To honor of those who lost their lives in the incident and the efforts of the Japanese Government to spread the awareness about the repercussions of the weapon used in the regions of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, led to the establishment of the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum.

Ise Grand Shrine

Located in the heart of a sacred forest, Ise Grand Shrine is dedicated to the sun goddess. Also known as Ise Jingu or simply Jingu, this Shrine complex blankets numerous Shinto shrines centered on two main shrines, Naiku and Geku.

Nishiki Market

Exploring the Nishiki Market falls under the checklist of cool things to do in Japan. This food market is usually filled with any and every kind of people ranging from locals to visitors.

Tempozan Ferris Wheel

One of the world’s largest Ferris wheels, views from the Tempozan Ferris wheel are a feast for the eyes. Providing a picturesque and panoramic view of the surroundings including Mount Ikoma on the east, the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge on the west, and the Rokko mountains to the north, this Ferris wheel will surely take your breath away.

Oirase National Park

There are no words enough to describe the beauty of this National park. The colors of the trees change from lush green in spring to incredible shades of red, yellow, and orange in autumn the flora in the national park will take your breath away. Picturesque Oirase stream flows on the Oirase Gorge with numerous waterfalls falling down into the stream along its length.

Kiyomuzo Dera Temple

With a rich and intriguing history, the Kiyomizu-Dera temple is one of the most celebrated temples in the city. Located halfway up Mt. Otowa, this temple houses a deity of great mercy and compassion, Kannon.

Hot Spring Bath

One of the top things to do in Japan is take a hot spring bath or onsen. It is a huge part of the Japanese culture and there is no reason why you should experience it for yourself unless you are shy.

Geisha Dance

If you have read the novel and also watched the movie ‘Memoirs of Geisha’, now it is time to experience it in real life. Your trip to Japan is a wonderful opportunity for you to add this to your experiences.

Ride a bullet train

One of the first things that come to mind when thinking about Japan is the bullet train. Why not ride one when you are in Japan? If you are looking for things to do in Tokyo. Not only will it take you places but also give you a fun ride experience.


Another one of the things to do in Tokyo is visit DisneySea. It is one of the best Disney theme parks where you can easily spend an entire day. From fun rides to more adult-oriented attractions, this place has something for all.

Harry Potter World

For those who have grown up watching or reading Harry Potter, here is a treat for you. Universal Studios in Japan has a whole world dedicated to Harry Potter. If this does not excite you Potter Heads, then what will?

Robot Restaurant

If you do not mind obnoxious and loud places, then you should make your reservations at Robot Restaurant. Do not get confused by the name because it is not a restaurant.

Shibuya Crossing

Here is an idea for you: make a time lapse of people crossing the famous Shibuya street and post it on Instagram. It is maddening.

Drink Matcha Tea

Health freaks must already know what Match Tea is and cannot stop raving about it. If you have never tried it before, then make it a point of adding it to your experience.

Tea Ceremony

Tea is also an important part of the culture so much so that you will find a whole ceremony dedicated to tea. The tourists can learn the art and tradition of tea ceremony wherein they are taken through a ritual, learn appropriate phrases, appreciate tea bowl, and most importantly, learn the concept of ichi-go-ichi-e i.e.

Have sushi

This should be obvious as sushi is one of the signature dishes of Japan. You may have tried it before but Japan will give you a more authentic may even have to follow some rules.


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