Canada is a large place, full of opportunities, but, at the same time, it can be overwhelming, especially for those just landed with a working holiday visa. IEC Canada Visa lets you try the Canadian lifestyle, allowing you to work and live in the country like a native. On your free time you need to enjoy as many things as you can, so here are some things to do in Canada on a working visa.

Winter sports

Canada is known for being a cold country, which makes it perfect for trying out winter sports. The national sport, hockey, is a must-try. Make sure you get your skates, helmet and the required equipment, then indulge in a game of hockey at one of the local arenas. It’s best to take some friends with you to form a team.

Other interesting winter sports you can try in Canada are skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing. As many young people who get a working holiday visa start working at resorts, you can take advantage of this opportunity and explore the Canadian mountains, enjoying the landscape and the wildlife.

Taste the food

When you want to get a real feeling of the local lifestyle in a foreign country you need to try their food. The local staple is maple syrup, but there are many dishes worth a try, like the sockeye salmon, seafood, clams and lobsters. For someone who came on a working holiday visa in Canada, the poutine is also a must try, as it is a delicious mix of fries, hot gravy and cheese curds. While trying out the cuisine you can also mingle with the locals in front of a cup of beer or the Canadian version of the Bloody Mary, the famous Caesar.


Hiking is another great thing to do in Canada, as it lets you enjoy the beautiful nature. You can find all types of trails, from those which require no fitness level whatsoever, to the most challenging ones, which are going to test your physical limits.


Kayaking is one of the things you need to put on your to do list during your working holiday experience. Canada has a lot of rivers and lakes where you can go kayaking or canoeing. For those who are not into these sports, there are plenty of instructors available, as well as special kayaking centres where you can learn how to kayak safely.


As most people who come to Canada on a IEC visa work in large cities, camping provides the perfect opportunity to spend some time with your new friends in the great outdoors. There are many campsites available in Canada, so you just have to pick your tent, camping equipment, marshmallows and friends then you are ready to enjoy a night under the starry sky.

These are just a few of the things you can do in Canada when you come with a working holiday visa, but there are many more you need to discover. IEC visa is not all work, is a mix of work and travel, so take advantage of this amazing opportunity once you receive your visa and make sure you enjoy the best adventures in Canada.


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