So, you’re planning on setting off to Japan for a working abroad trip? You will certainly be the envy of all of your friends and family…

Not only that, it is definite that your loved ones will miss you. When you get back home, it will be a lovely gesture to give them gifts and trinkets that you picked up on your travels.

Here are 7 of the best souvenirs to bring home from your working abroad visa holiday:


Calling all chocolate lovers! Did you know, that Japan has over 400 different flavours of KitKat?! Milk coffee, matcha and sparkling strawberry are a few flavours that stand out to us.

This craze started in 2004, when the green tea flavour first arrived on the scene.

There is even watermelon, strawberry cheesecake and hot chilli flavour!

Handmade fan

The fan is an immediately recognizable icon of Japanese culture, and one of a small number of ancient Japanese crafts.  Much more than just a tool for cooling down, Japanese fans are entwined in the nation’s long and fascinating history.

There a two kinds of fans that make for good gifts to bring back home. A paddle and a traditional folding fan. A folding fan can be used as a decorative piece, and looks wonderful displayed above a headboard.

For a true authentic souvenir, be sure to purchase a handmade fan.

Pens and stationary

In Japan, the stationary possibilities are endless!

If you know any journaling fans, the best place to visit is the Daiso store. The Daiso is Japan’s answer to our Poundland in the UK, and most items in the Daiso are just 1 yen!

Inside the store you will find countless washi tape, stickers, and even origami pads. In addition to this, you will find all sorts of whacky and wonderful pens and books.

Be sure to pick up all items from a collection, be it Disney or any of the other popular Japanese cartoon characters.


On the more pricier side of things, a traditional and original silk kimono makes for a very special and unique gift.

Lightweight and intricately designed, these spectacular pieces of clothing can be found in beautiful different colour dyes and patterns too!

A good quality Japanese kimono can be worn as a fashion statement, or even as a cool gown during the summertime.


If you’ve not mastered the art of eating with chopsticks yet, after spending time on your working abroad visa in Japan you will surely learn quick enough!

Chopsticks are an inexpensive and light gift that wont take up much room in your suitcase.

There are many different sizes, styles and designs to choose from. We think that chopsticks are an unmissable gift to take back home with you, and a way to continue your Japanese food culture experience, even after your working visa holiday comes to an end.

Plush toys

Japan is the birthplace of many famous and popular cartoon characters. This includes video game characters and anime stars.

There are plenty of claw machine games around to try your luck at! Don’t forget the loose change to play!


Ranging from bowls, to vases and tea cups, there is a huge choice of ceramic gifts for you to purchase whilst on your working holiday program.

Some of them are symbolic to the country’s rich culture and history. Others make for great art pieces to display back at home.

A word of caution, when bringing home ceramics you must ensure that they are well wrapped and protected to avoid damage during transit.


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