If you have a dog you’re aware the nickname “man’s best friend” is a real thing. Imagine moving to a new city where your dog doesn’t have the freedom to roam around and has to stay in the house all day. Before you make the big move to your new city, be sure it is friendly to your best friend, these are The 6 Most Dog-Friendly Cities in Canada, woof woof!

1. Kelowna, British Columbia

When you’re living in a city like Kelowna, you’ll never have to worry about “Spike” being cramped up in an apartment all day. The city of Kelowna has no shortage of nature for you to take advantage of, there are many lakes, sandy beaches, and many forests. Kelowna is also known for having an abundance of off-leash dog parks, they have so many that the City of Kelowna website has a page dedicated to them.

2. Ottawa, Ontario

Canada’s capital is not only home to our country’s government, it is also home to one of the most popular places for people to their take dogs, Bruce Pit. Your four legged friend will have a great time running through this larger than life dog park as it features more than enough forest trails that you can conquer together.

3. Toronto, Ontario

When you think of Toronto you think of one of the busiest and dense cities the country has to offer, even though you’re not wrong Toronto surprisingly has a lot of great outdoor space for you and your dog. Cherry Beach is a great place for your dog to run around during the summer months, and if that is a little too far from you, there are over 50 off-leash areas across the city for you to use daily. The City of Toronto also loves dogs as the city hosts Woofstock every two years, bringing thousands of barking friends together for a few days.

4. Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Sometimes you just want to bring your dog with you when you’re going out for brunch on a Saturday afternoon, and most places don’t have a place for them to hang out outside, but in the city of Charlottetown, a large number of restaurants are fairly accommodating to the four legged race. The great architecture throughout the city would be great for you to explore as well while going on walks, or you can enjoy the great waterfront which has many walking trails and parks to enjoy.

5. Guelph, Ontario

The University of Guelph is home to Ontario Veterinary College, so it makes perfect sense as to why this small city is one of the top-ranked in Canada when it comes to veterinarians per capita. Living in Guelph, you’ll never have to worry about your dog getting sick and not having someone to take care of them. Although it is a small town, there are many great trails, and more than enough open spaces and parks for your dog to live freely.

6. Calgary, Alberta

If there is a city in Canada where you want to be a dog owner, Calgary is definitely one of them. The city is an off-leash haven as it has over 140 areas where your dog can roam without any worries, which makes it one of the most in North America.

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