What is a Working Holiday?

A working holiday abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for foreigners to live, travel, work, and study in a different country for a set period of time (typically one year).

A working holiday visa not only allows you to explore your surroundings in your spare time, but it also allows you to earn a little extra money to help fund your travels. One of the most popular destinations for a working holiday visa is Canada!

When can you apply for a Working Holiday?


This is one travel opportunity you must seize while you are still young as the age requirements for this program are between 18 and 35 pending your country of residence.

Working holiday visas not only solve a major financial issue for young travelers, but they also allow them to immerse themselves in a culture different from their own, meet and work with locals, and establish a home in a foreign country. One of the most popular visas is the IEC Canada Visa.

Who is Eligible for a Working Holiday Visa?

The specific requirements for who can apply for a working holiday visa vary by country. Most working holiday visas, however, are restricted to young travelers of a certain age (under 30 or 35).


Even if you meet the age requirement, you must choose a country that accepts citizens from your home country. Working holiday programs are bilateral agreements that allow citizens from both countries to travel, live, and work for extended periods of time. That means you can only obtain a visa for countries with which your home country has a special agreement.

Keep in mind that there may be additional requirements you must meet before applying for a working holiday visa. This includes having enough money supporting yourself, purchasing health insurance, and passing certain health or criminal background checks.

What Can I Do on a Working Holiday Visa?

While tourism is the primary goal of a working holiday, a working holiday visa allows you to work in order to earn extra money to help pay for a portion of your travel expenses. As a result, there may be some limitations on where you can work or how many hours you can work.


Depending on the country, you may also be limited in the amount of time you can work for each employer. Although visa holders can work in a professional setting such as an office or company, most people on a working holiday work part-time or seasonally.

This could include teaching English to children, giving snowboarding lessons in the mountains, or working in a city restaurant. If you’re doing a working holiday visa in Canada, you may want to look into tourism jobs as Canada is known for its tourism attractractions!

Which countries provide working holiday visas?

Working holiday programs are bilateral treaties between two countries. You can only obtain a visa for countries with which your home country has a special agreement.


Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Israel, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom are some of the countries that provide a working holiday visa program.

Australia and Canada being two of the most popular destinations!