In the world, Canada is the second largest country after Russia. Its vast territory determines the great variety of climates. Also, the temperature differences are strongly affected by the relief features of Canada.

Spring in Canada

Spring is very much like autumn, with the temperature of the air and an abundance of rainy days. At this time of year begins the first warming, but in the evenings it’s usually cold, and summer in the country comes rather late – in the second decade of June. The first flowers appear in March, which instantly transforms the country. However, the first leaves are very late – their first appearance is in April or May. True, the spring in Vancouver and Victoria is very different from the spring of other regions of the country – it’s really much warmer.

Summer in Canada

Summer comes only in the second half of June, or even closer to the beginning of July. And then, this summer is not in our understanding – the average temperature is only +20 °C (68 °F). There is no strong heat in Canada. Summer can last the longest in the west of the country.

In Toronto, the summer can be very warm. Local Canadian weather forecasters and meteorologists use to indicate the temperature is not real (on a thermometer), and the temperature, called “feels like …”. There are also special terms – humidex in the summer and windchill in the winter.

Autumn in Canada

Autumn in Canada comes quickly. A sharp cooling can come literally overnight. The weather in the autumn is unstable – often rains, passing in October in wet snow. A dank wind blows. In Toronto, autumn is lingering, warm and very beautiful. Warm days can even be in December.

In November, in Canada, this winter is coming. Snow is falling everywhere except in the southern regions. In the north, the snow cover is generally constant.

Winter in Canada

As a rule, the winter in most of Canada comes into its own in November, when cold winds come, and the subzero temperature stays stable all day. The farther north, the colder the winter: in some areas the air temperature seldom falls below -15 °C (5 °F), which together with the cold wind strongly discourages tourists.

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