5 Popular Questions About WHV’s – Answered

If you are one who loves to travel but thinks there’s never enough time or that you don’t have the funds, hang on a minute because there are some things you have to know! There is always time and money available for travel, you just have to know where to find them, and WHV’s are by far the best place to start!

What are WHV’s?

WHV’s – working holiday visas – are a 12-month work visa to a participating country of your choosing that gives you temporary residency so that you can work to support yourself financially while you are there! You get the opportunity to experience a new country and maybe even a new culture while still being able to take care of yourself without financial assistance! WHV’s are the perfect solution for travelers who want to experience a new country for more than a couple of weeks!

Am I required to work a specific field?

This is one of the most unique aspects to a WHV program. You are not assigned a specific job or required to work x-number of hours. This is your free time. You get to schedule your life however you see fit in order to meet your needs.

This means that you are also free to move around the country as you pick up new jobs. You do not have to remain in one area the entire year, nobody is regulating your exact wear abouts.

Are career path jobs possible?

Whereas yes, the majority of people who go on a working holiday often work short-term jobs that are not meant to further them in their career (retail stores or coffee shops for example), it is absolutely possible to land a career path job!

Many employers are hesitant to hire someone on  a WHV for a long-term, career oriented position. However, it has been done before. You will have to vouche for yourself more than you would for a short-term job, but if you want to continue learning and growing within your field, you don’t have to put that on hold.

Can I make friends?

Probably the most exciting piece of WHV’s is the ability to make friends and business connections in other countries. You will be making these connections on a global level! It will no longer just be people you grew up with or met through your home-country job, you’ll have people in your contacts from a completely different part of the world.

It is surprisingly easy to make friends in other countries. Most people are intrigued by people who travel the world so all you’ll really have to do is go to your local coffee shop or bar and strike up a conversation! You’re sure to make at least some acquaintances, if not more!


Working holiday visas are something everyone should take advantage of in their lifetime. This unique concept gives you the opportunity to travel the world, earn a living, make friends, and travel faster than if you were to save up the money and then go. You have nothing to lose, give it a try!