Australia is a highly developed country known for its high GDP per capita and relatively low rate of poverty. It offers a high quality of life, excellent education, extensive political rights, and more. The most in-demand jobs are:
  1. Warehouse worker
National average salary: $55,810 per year
Primary duties: A warehouse worker manages inventory stored in a business’s warehouse. They process new inventory and retrieve, pack and ship items to customers.
  1. Security guard
National average salary: $55,820 per year
Primary duties: A security guard supervises businesses and events to protect assets from theft and damage and make sure customers and employees stay safe.
  1. Chef
National average salary: $59,742 per year
Primary duties: A chef runs a kitchen, planning its menu, sourcing ingredients and ensuring quality dishes reach diners.
  1. Stonemason
National average salary: $64,961 per year
Primary duties: A stonemason cuts, shapes, assembles, decorates and repairs stone pieces for new construction and restoration projects.
  1. Early childhood teacher
National average salary: $65,200 per year
Primary duties: An early childhood teacher plans and supervises activities that help children, usually aged between two and five, learn basic skills.
  1. Bricklayer
National average salary: $67,272 per year
Primary duties: A bricklayer lays mortar and bricks to construct residential and commercial buildings and structures.
  1. Auditor
National average salary: $68,114 per year
Primary duties: An auditor examines business financial records and ensures they are accurate and tax owing is paid in full.
  1. Motor mechanic
National average salary: $68,653 per year
Primary duties: A motor mechanic maintains and repairs vehicles to ensure they run safely, reliably and efficiently.
  1. Plumber
National average salary: $69,129 per year
Primary duties: A plumber installs and maintains pipe systems and fixtures for residential and business customers.
  1. Aged care worker
National average salary: $70,815 per year
Primary duties: An aged care worker provides companionship, emotional support, and assistance to seniors needing help in their daily lives.
  1. Industrial engineer
National average salary: $72,101 per year
Primary duties: An industrial engineer designs, develops, and tests systems for industrial production processes, ensuring they are safe, reliable, efficient, and affordable.
  1. Gardener
National average salary: $74,050 per year
Primary duties: A gardener designs and maintains outdoor spaces so they look neat and attractive.
  1. Delivery driver
National average salary: $76,378 per year
Primary duties: A delivery driver loads and transports goods from businesses to their customers.
  1. Registered nurse
National average salary: $76,873 per year
Primary duties: A registered nurse provides healthcare, advice and emotional support to patients and their loved ones.
  1. Programmer
National average salary: $79,812 per year
Primary duties: A programmer writes and tests code to create and modify computer software and apps.
  1. Supply and distribution manager
National average salary: $80,624 per year
Primary duties: A supply and distribution manager plans, organizes, and controls the movements of the products businesses make and use.
  1. Cabinet maker
National average salary: $64,092 per year
Primary duties: A cabinet maker designs, constructs and installs cabinets for home and business bathrooms and kitchens.
  1. Sales assistant
National average salary: $67,650 per year
Primary duties: A sales assistant helps customers make purchases, keeps shops neat and tidy, and displays new stock.
  1. Truck driver
National average salary: $77,302 per year
Primary duties: A truck driver transports items around the country.
  1. Advertising manager
National average salary: $77,614 per year
Primary duties: An advertising manager organizes campaigns promoting businesses and their products or services.
  1. Physiotherapist
National average salary: $80,657 per year
Primary duties: A physiotherapist helps patients with limited mobility improve their physical abilities.
  1. Occupational therapist
National average salary: $82,048 per year
Primary duties: An occupational therapist helps clients facing challenges, such as disabilities and rehabilitation, become more independent.
  1. Special education teacher
National average salary: $84,134 per year
Primary duties: A special education teacher helps students with disabilities achieve their academic and social potential.
  1. Electrician
National average salary: $85,619 per year
Primary duties: An electrician installs, inspects, maintains, and repairs electrical infrastructure and machines.
  1. Carpenter
National average salary: $85,995 per year
Primary duties: A carpenter constructs wooden items, such as building frameworks, stairs, and furniture.
  1. Fitter
National average salary: $90,689 per year
Primary duties: A fitter creates machine components from metal to technical specifications.
  1. Psychologist
National average salary: $90,937 per year
Primary duties: A psychologist studies mental health and human behavior. Psychologists may help clients manage their mental health or conduct academic research.