Canada Working Holiday Visa gives you the opportunity to stay in amazing cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, working part-time while traveling through the breathtaking expanses of the country. The best thing about Canada’s Working Holiday Visa is that it will allow you to earn money so that you can fund your travels during your stay. This is a great way to pay off all the expenses you will incur while in Canada.

You will also gain valuable Canadian work experience with a working holiday visa to Canada to better compete in the global economy. Your career horizons will broaden by working with people who have diverse cultural backgrounds while learning new approaches to doing business, experiencing a different country, and developing your language skills.

  • You can either opt for tourism and hospitality industries and work in a restaurant, pub, or hotel.
  • You can work with a marketing company
  • At a ski resort or a beach resort
  • You can also work in the health, communications, or science industry.
  • Delivery and courier service drivers
  • Laborer or cleaner
  • Administrative jobs
  • Sales Representative
  • Barista
  • Social worker

How to get the job search started: Ensure you have made an impressive resume in Canadian format before sending your resume to employers in Canada. Instead of mentioning list duties mention personal or team achievements. Be selective in your job search. Don’t send all the companies the same resume and cover letter, edit it as per the role you are applying for by highlighting the experience in the same field. Networking, cold calling, and informational interviews are much more effective ways to distribute your resume. Always ensure you have a contact for the company and follow up within a week of submitting your resume to show your interest. “Thank-you” emails after an interview set you apart from other candidates. Use LinkedIn and other social media tools.

Check if you are eligible for working holiday visas in Canada- Assessment