Canada is home to some of the highly reputed universities, the country attracts thousands of international students every year. Aside from top universities a large number of English-taught degrees, its well-developed economy, high living standards, and high-paying jobs in Canada, the country is home to over 642,000 international students. A major portion of this international student population desires to work and immigrate to Canada. According to a survey by Canadian Bureau of International Education (CBIE), approximately 60% of international students desired to stay back in Canada after graduation.
High paying jobs :
  • Construction Manager with average annual remuneration of 204,000 CAD. You can work as a Project Manager, Superintendent, Site Inspector, Project Coordinator post their Bachelor/Masters’s in Civil Engineering in Canada or related field job market of Construction Managers in Canada is somewhat balanced with a projected demand of 28,000 jobs against 31,100 graduates from 2019 to 2028. However, the good thing is new jobs are expected to be created by expansion and not by retirement. This demonstrates the growth of the industry as a whole which further creates more opportunities.
  • IT Manager with average annual pay of 189,000 CAD working at positions like IT Director, Senior IT Manager, IT Operations Manager. Post your Bachelors in CS in Canada or diploma preferably in engineering you can get into these jobs.
  • Marketing Manager gets an average salary of 209,000 CAD per annum while working at positions like Marketing Director, Senior Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Manager. The roles are open to those with MBA in Canada or MS with a specialization in Marketing
Popular jobs :
  1. Driver
Canada will be needing a lot of drivers in the near future as there is always a growing need for cargo and goods that need to be transported in and around Canada. The estimated yearly salary for truck drivers in Canada, for example, is around $44,836.
  1. Receptionist
A receptionist has one of the biggest tasks in a company, as they are the first person to represent the entire company. They always have to give off a good first impression whether it is on the phone or in person. This role requires poise and to be able to communicate in a professional manner at all times, as well as multitasking. As more businesses are opening and starting up in Canada, they need a good face to represent the company. The yearly salary for this profession is $35,304.
  1. Electrical Engineer
There are 6 nuclear power stations in Canada, the largest being Bruce Nuclear. With power stations that hold up to almost 6,430 megawatts, it’s evident that Canada is in high demand for electrical engineers to help analyze, design, specify, construct, as well as test out electrical systems with different components to make sure all operations are safe and reliable. The average annual salary for this occupation is $91,832.
  1. Chef
Due to Canada’s multicultural society, there is a niche in the market for chefs as there’s a need in Canada for those who can specialize in foreign cuisine. There is nothing that brings people together better than food. There are a lot of tourists exploring Canada daily, and tourism and hospitality are always in need of chefs in hotels and restaurants. Chefs get paid around $40,088 per year.