With the world slowly starting to reopen its borders, working holiday visa programs are starting to gain some momentum again. New Zealand being a popular destination, many travelers are wondering if this unique country is allowing working holiday visa travelers in quite yet.

New Zealand’s borders currently remain closed to outside travelers for a variety of reasons. However, that doesn’t mean they will remain closed permanently! We’ve done the research for you to let you know why borders are still closed, when they’ll reopen, what procedures will likely be in place, and how to move forward with getting approved for a working holiday visa in New Zealand!

Why are New Zealand’s borders closed?

New Zealand has handled the COVID-19 pandemic flawlessly. In fact, it’s actually been the gold standard, role model country for the proper way to handle a virus like this. Being a country with a fairly small population, New Zealand has chosen to keep its borders closed until the pandemic is under greater control.

Right now, there are not enough people fully vaccinated for the New Zealand government to feel comfortable enough opening its borders to outside travelers. The country does not want to risk getting its own citizens infected with the virus, so for now, they are remaining sealed!

When will the border reopen?

There is no set date for the reopening of New Zealand’s borders. However, several statements have been put out from their government officials that give some inkling into their thought process! Officials are saying that the New Zealand border will reopen in stages, likely starting with reopening to specific countries first (such as to its neighbor, Australia). They plan to start small and work their way outward, limiting who can come in from specific countries, prioritizing New Zealand residents who have not been able to come back to the country yet and family members of New Zealand citizens to come visit.

What procedures will be in place upon reopening?

It’s likely that the countries officials will undergo strict protocols upon reopening its borders. Officials are saying that they will likely require proof of full covid-19 vaccination in order to enter the country. There is also debate of requiring a negative covid test along with the vaccination card as some people can still be asymptomatic carriers. However, these protocols will lessen over the next few years as the world reaches herd immunity!

How to get a New Zealand working holiday visa?

When considering New Zealand, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind before using Alliance Visas to help you obtain a visa!

  • You need to be between 18 and 30 (sometimes 35).
  • You need a minimum of NZ $4200 in the bank
  • You need a return plane ticket
  • You need proof of employment waiting for you upon arrival in NZ


Waiting for borders can feel stressful and a bit upsetting, but it’s better to be safe right now than to travel freely! As soon as New Zealand’s borders are reopened, we’ll let you know so that you can go ahead and book those travel plans!