Australia is a very popular destination for working holiday visa travelers. Whereas it’s exciting to embark on this journey, you’re going to have to hold off on your trip for a bit longer. Australia’s borders are still closed to working holiday visa travelers at the moment.

Don’t worry though, borders will reopen and when they do, we want you to have a full understanding what to expect!

Why are Australia’s borders still closed?

The Australian government has decided to keep the country closed off to foreign travelers, including working holiday visa travelers. The reason being country officials do not feel the virus is under control quite yet. They want to protect their citizens from the virus and any strains that may come about in the near future.

When will Australia borders reopen?

As of now, there is no set date for the full reopening of Australia’s borders. The decision will come with time as COVID-19 gets under control and more people get vaccinated. Australian officials have made several statements around the idea that when they do reopen, it will be slowly and with caution.

As of right now, the only travelers allowed to enter Australia are:

  • Australian citizens
  • Immediate family members
  • Permanent residents
  • Travelers who have been in New Zealand for at least 14 days prior to departure to Australia

What procedures will be in place for working holiday visa travelers upon reopening?

Upon reopening borders, working holiday visa travelers will likely be required to show proof of vaccination and/or proof of a negative PCR Covid test. They will need to show these pieces of information before being allowed to board the plane and pass-through customs upon entering Australia. It’s also possible that Australia will require proof of vaccination in order to participate in certain activities around the country such as dining or attending events with crowds of people.


How to get a working holiday visa for Australia upon reopening

Whereas procedures may change upon the reopening of the country, the core pieces of the application process are listed below for you!

  • You will need proof that you are between 18 and 30 years old
  • You will need to book your flight to and from Australia
  • You will need a minimum of AUD $5000 in the bank and have proof of such funds
  • You will need proof of a job waiting for you upon arrival in Australia
  • You will need proof of housing ready for you upon arrival in Australia

Once you have all of these documents in order, you can work with an agency like Alliance Visas in order to streamline the application process. Working with a third-party provider can take the stress off of you and make the process effortless!


Once borders reopen, we’ll let you know! However, until then, keep updated on what’s happening in Australia and maybe even work on preparing the funds you need to apply for the working holiday visa! You can never have too much money saved for a trip like this!