Let’s be honest whether it’s spiders or the dark , whatever your age we all have our fears. Fear is often what keeps us from living our dreams and achieving our success. Fear is also one factor that stops many from travelling the world. Fears of travelling can be anything from fear of not being able to afford it, fear that something will happen to them or the fear of not being able to handle it. Keeping all this fear within you it’s much easier for us to stay home in our comfort zones rather then taking the risk and travel the world.

The main fear that hold people behind is they feel that their ‘real world responsibilities’ are much more important and taking a risk with the fear of the unknown may not be worth it. But how will you know if you never try? When you face your fears and decide to go for it you will find every possible way to save, find work and do whatever it is to make your journey easy and successful.

Don’t let fear win, here’s a few things that will help you overcome your fear of travelling:

You’re not the only one!

Remember that it’s now 2019 there is millions of travellers across the world just like yourself. Travelling has been done before for centuries now and although some travellers may have some horror stories for the most part people have endless stories about their amazing experience. There is a well-worn tourist trail out there. There will always be people to help you. There are people you can travel with. You will not be alone.

You are capable of more then you can imagine

You are smart, you have common sense and you are capable of doing whatever you put your mind too. Make sure you do plenty of research of the place you’ll be travelling too, just so you’re more aware and confident with your travels. don;t doubt yourself and your capabilities, you have got through life so far and you will get through it all again. Once you beginning your first journey you will learn a lot and often from your mistakes but this is what will make you stronger and more confident as a traveller.

You will still find work

One particular reason why people don’t head out overseas is because they fear that when they come back they’ll become unemployable due to the huge gap on their resume. However times have changed and now in the globalised world having experience with foreign cultures and people is a real asset. Also travelling shows that you are now much more independent, capable and a risk taker. Employers see this and now see travelling as a positive thing that teaches intangible skills that you cant find anywhere else.

You can always fly back home

Okay so you’re really excited you go off to travel the world but everything you feared has happened. So what now?! Just book a ticket back home! I wouldn’t recommend you leave too early, you may panic in the beginning and just choose the easy way out, but it may be better to give yourself a few days to adjust to your new surroundings.  Don’t bail at the first feeling of discomfort; however, be comforted by the fact you always have a possible exit strategy.

Don’t ever let your fears stop you from what you’ve always dreamed of doing, book your trip and take the risk! You’ll see in the end that it was definitely worth it!