One of the most daunting pieces of considering a working holiday visa is wondering how you’re going to make friends and meet new people. Much of the time, people fear that they are going to be completely alone on this year-long adventure, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

There are several ways that you can make connections on your working holiday visa trip. These connections can even lead to life-long friendships or romantic relationships if you want them to. It comes down to a few factors: going out, getting a social job, being bold, and joining groups!

Go out and explore the city or town!

One of the first things you need to do upon arriving in your new home (other than getting to your actual house and maybe taking a nap) is going out and walking around…anywhere!

Reason being, you will likely at some point have to ask somebody for directions, advice, things to do and see, etc. In doing so you can casually slip in the notion that you are new to the area, and you may just make a friend out of it!

Get an in-person job

If applicable, try and get a job for your working holiday visa that is in-person verses online. Whereas online may provide you with more flexibility, it is unlikely to aid you in making social connections. If this is something of utmost importance to you, then consider working in a hospitality field that will have you working with people every day! This is an easy way to start to make social connections naturally.

Be outgoing and speak up

Speaking from experience, the best way to make friends in a new area is by going out to eat somewhere by yourself and introducing yourself to the bartenders, baristas, wait staff, even grocery store workers! It may sound dauting and a little bit silly, but unless you tell people, nobody knows you’re new until you tell them. Plus, in doing so, you’ll find places you enjoy and spots you can frequent!

A working holiday visa in Canada for example is guaranteed to provide you with numerous opportunities to make friends at bars and restaurants if you’re located in one of their major cities!

Join local working holiday visa groups

It may take a few minutes of searching through Google, but there are dozens of groups held for people visiting from other countries or specifically on working holiday visas. These groups are designed to help people make connections on their travels with other people who are in the same situation. What better way to explore than with someone as eager as you are!

You can also find groups for foreigners with similar interests. For example, if you’re taking a working holiday visa in Canada, you’re bound to find numerous snowboarding groups local to the area and if snowboarding is something that you enjoy, that’s an easy way to make some new friends!


Making friends on your working holiday visa is simpler than it sounds as long as you are prepared for a few lonely nights while you ease into this new world. You’ll need to be patient, friendships don’t form overnight, but with a little boldness and a social job, you’re guaranteed to make some friends and connections! Consider joining some groups of people in the same boat as you if available as well. It can be comforting to have someone in your corner!