In order to qualify for a working holiday visa, you need to have a job offer accepted first. Many people find this process to be stressful and concerning, but it doesn’t have to be!

There are numerous ways to get a job for your working holiday visa in Canada (or any other country) including using the internet, working holiday support companies, and recruitment agencies.

Use a working holiday support company

Sometimes, finding a job in a new country requires a little outside help! Alliance Visas is ready and willing to assist you in your job hunt if need be. They can provide you with connections to numerous jobs in a variety of fields and help you get started on this journey! Whether you’re going on a working holiday in Canada, or a working holiday in Australia, you need to have your first job set up before you are accepted into the program, let Alliance Visas help you!

Take advantage of the internet

Consider looking up recent job openings on job search websites. You’ll have to do a little digging pending your current location, but finding jobs online is a fantastic option if you are open to a variety of fields!

Work along the way

If you are not afraid of a little bit of uncertainty and adventure, you can always get jobs along the way. You will need to have your first job booked ahead of time for your working holiday visa, but you do not need that job to last the entire time you are there. You can always get jobs as you go in varying fields for a wide range of experiences.

Contact a recruitment agency

There are numerous recruitment agencies for your working holiday for Canada or any other country you are considering venturing off to! Recruitment agencies can help set you up with a wide variety of jobs or narrow down your options based on your personal preferences.

Meet employers face to face

Regardless of whether your visa is for a working holiday in Canada or a working holiday in Hong Kong, informing the company that you want to meet and discuss the position live will increase your chances of being hired!

You simply need to have access to a laptop with a webcam. You can absolutely meet employers face to face via webcam services in order to give your best first impression. Not all employers require this part in their hiring process, so it looks professional on your part if you request a live discussion before accepting the position.


There is nothing to fear when it comes to finding a job in a foreign country. If you’re attending a working holiday program in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or any other country of choice, you can hire a working holiday support company like Alliance Visas to help, conduct a job search online, or even hire a recruitment agency!