It might be too late to let you know that there is a full Moon party happening on the 12th August 2022. That’s not nearly enough time to pack the bikinis and glow sticks!

On the other hand, the good news is that the next full Moon party in Phuket is happening on the 10th September 2022. What makes this even sweeter is that the average temperature in Thailand throughout the month of September is 31 degrees! Rainfall is pretty high at this time of year though, although we think this makes for a great experience. Dance in the rain in celebration of the magnificent, celestial body? Yes, please!

The first ever original celebration is said to have happened in 1983 and gained popularity there after. A group of tourists found themselves on the Koh Phangan and found that the moon light glowing over the beach at night time was a beautiful sight to see. To celebrate this, they danced and sang all night long.

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What you can expect from a full Moon festival in Phuket



The main music style at the Full Moon Party is electronic music such as house, trance and techno. Some of the resorts specialize in different music styles, which creates variety and also gives you options.

Neon lights

From neon studio lighting, to glow sticks and fluorescent outfits, the full moon festivals are certainly vibrant and colourful affairs. We recommend that you dress in white clothing as white clothing reflects the light so well and makes for great Instagram pics! Thank us later.

Fire skipping rope jumpers

Watch in amazement as the bright yellow and orange rope rotates, creating an atmosphere of adrenaline and anticipation. The thumping music sends your heart racing and builds up the intensity of the blazing popular childhood game. Please do us a favour and leave the flaming jump rope to only the most experienced! But, if you do attempt the jump rope, watch out as the turns get faster and faster!

Body paint

There are some extremely talented artists in this world, and you could be fortunate enough to have art work carried out your own canvas – you! We’ve seen neon flowers, snakes, stars and other cool geometric patterns. Typically, neon paints are used in the paintings and the studio spotlights will bounce off of them – contributing to the bedazzling colours at the beach party. Why not opt for a full body piece and go, WILD!

Emotional reset

Did you know that it is believed that the Moon is responsible for pulling on our emotions? The same way that the Moon draws the waves with it’s gravitational tug, it has the same effect on us human-beings. Afterall, we are made up of 70% water. What better way for an emotional reset than at a full Moon festival? Let go of built up tension and stress by partying the night away and wishing the full Moon a farewell, in preparation for the next Lunar cycle.

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