Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to travel across the world to deliver a language? Being paid to teach abroad could be the best thing ever, from getting paid to travel, discovering new cultures, expanding your professional network, constantly meeting new people and more!

Some may argue that English should be the official international language, as English is taught and spoken in over 118 countries. English teachers are in very high demand wherever you go. As it is a fast growing industry, the international school sector continues to grow on average 6% per year, you will gain the respect from your peers, colleagues and parents as they will become fully aware that clearly English is academically in demand.


Many of the most prestigious wealthiest international schools give opportunities to ‘’western certified educators’’ to deliver a British curriculum as it gives them a taste of our teaching styles back home. International schools are often rich in diversity with students from all over the world which gives you an insight into new child behavior this could potentially benefit you as it increases your communication skills.

In a survey online it was found that  82% of new international teachers are very happy with their experience, with 75% of incoming teachers feeling that their work/work life balance has improved ever since working abroad. 

Working overseas feels like a long holiday, you won’t even realise it is work. Months will become weeks, weeks will become days, days will become minutes 

with the constant thrill of being in a new big city. Exploring a brand new world, trying new food cultures, making brand new friends It may all seem overwhelming, but overall it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Some of us are miserable with the high tax rates, however the satisfaction itself with low tax or no tax at all in other countries helps us receive most of our hard working money. Low tax? Sounds like a dream to me!

 Has it always been your dream to travel the world but not enough money? No problemo Alliance visa has got your back!


With Alliance Visas we offer 15 different countries for you to teach in, from the Middle East to Asia and to South East Europe. These countries include, Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Vietnam, Italy and Greece. The qualifications are quite simple; you are required to gain A TEFL Certificate, a TEFL Certification Is basically typically required to secure a job teaching English abroad. It usually takes 4 weeks to 6 months  to complete the course. Most international schools also require a English degree however, some don’t require a degree. Easy right?  What are you waiting for? You’ve read all about, go ahead and chase your dreams today.