Canada’s Global Talent Stream: Addressing High-Skilled Labor Needs in STEM


The Global Talent Stream/Scheme Visa in Canada celebrates its one-year anniversary by expanding its reach with three new job positions added to the Global Talent Occupations List. This visa continues to address the demands of innovative employers in Canada’s highly skilled labor market, with a focus on the STEM industry (science, technology, engineering, mathematics).


Understanding the Global Talent Stream

The Global Talent Stream is a two-year program that empowers Canadian companies with the edge and advantage they need to scale up and drive innovation. Employers opting for this stream gain priority in processing and more flexible recruitment requirements, enabling them to hire the right workers quickly. This stream allows employers to bring in top talent possessing specialized skills in occupations with a high demand for workers. Utilizing this stream grants eligibility for faster work permit processing, making Canada an attractive and welcoming destination for highly skilled workers in demand worldwide. The pilot project supports the Canadian economy by providing businesses with the expertise they need when they need it, while also providing opportunities for other Canadians to learn and work alongside some of the world’s best talents.


Canada's Global Talent Stream: Addressing High-Skilled Labor Needs in STEM

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The Benefits

Employers find numerous advantages in hiring talent from outside their country. While the primary reason is the need for tech talent promptly, other benefits also come into play. Workers committing to a two-year term with a company are likely to remain loyal to the employer, as switching jobs would require applying and getting approved for a new work permit with another employer, making the process lengthy. Additionally, employers gain a more diverse workforce, with studies showing that ethnically diverse labor performs better due to improved quality of output and deeper engagement.


The Progress So Far

One critical aspect of the Global Talent Stream is that workers must commit to creating lasting benefits for the Canadian workforce. Employers are required to develop a Labor Markets Benefit Plan outlining their commitments, such as job creation and knowledge transfer, which will contribute to the Canadian economy. Since April 30th, 2018, the Employment and Social Development Canada department has collaborated with various employers to successfully create 500 employer-specific Labor Market Benefit Plans, detailing the activities they will undertake to fulfill their commitments. These plans include creating over 27,000 jobs for permanent Canadian residents and investing more than $41 million in skills and training.


Recent Changes

The Global Talent Stream visa has undergone some recent changes, which include:

  1. Removal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technologists and Technicians from the list.
  2. Addition of Engineering Managers, Architecture and Science Managers, and Mathematicians and Statisticians to the list.
  3. Introduction of new requirements for Producer, Technical, Creative and Artistic Director, and Project Manager in the visual effects and video game fields.
  4. Increased demand for highly skilled Digital Media Designers.


The Global Talent Stream continues to play a crucial role in meeting Canada’s high-skilled labor market demands and driving innovation in the STEM industry. With its commitment to fostering a diverse and talented workforce, this program benefits both employers and the Canadian economy as a whole.