1. Rideau Canal: Skate Away
Canadian winter experience is incomplete if you haven’t skated on Ottawa’s Rideau Canal’s skateway, one of the best places to visit in Canada in winter. There are many places to visit in Ottawa, but this one is not be missed. Every year over 1 million people gather here during winters and skate away on this world’s largest skateway; equivalent to 90 olympic size skating rinks.
2. Plaster Rock: Indulge In Ice Hockey
Winter and Ice Hockey are synonymous with Canada; and the small town of Plaster Rock is the perfect example of it. Plaster Rock town hosts the World Pond Hockey Championship. People from Canada, the United States, and Great Britain come here to this beautiful town and compete against each other amidst the beautiful backdrop of forests and snowfall. This is easily the best places to visit in Canada in winter if you are looking for some icy fun!
3. Churchill: Enjoy The Beauty Of A Winter Wilderness
Churchill is one of the best places to visit in Canada places to visit in Canada during winter for those who enjoy the peace of winters. The highlight of this small town located on the shores of Hudson Bay is polar bears and Northern Lights. Get a chance to see the powerful polar bears in the wild.
4. Vancouver: Explore Local Seafood
Popularly known for its physical beauty, Vancouver is one of the best winter places to visit in Canada. The gorgeous city is famous for being one of the world’s most liveable cities. It is a great place to get away if you’re looking for a break from the snow right here in Canada. Have the best shopping and dining experience as well as visit renowned museums.
5. Ontario: The Dazzling Niagara Falls
While the humongous falls are an absolute delight in summers, the frozen falls in Canada winter look equally bewitching. The sheer beauty of the frozen falls is difficult to express in the words. A spectacular dazzler is as close as you can come to describe the mystical falls in the winter. You can see the chilling mist rising above the falls looks so mystical.
6. Charlottetown: The Winter Wonderland
Despite being the smallest province in the country, this city situated in the Prince Edward Island is one of the best places to visit in Canada in winter. From cozy places for staying to fun things to do in Canada in winter, this place lets you make the most of the colder months.
7. Halifax: For Maple Treats
Situated in Nova Scotia, this city is another top place to visit for enjoying the Canada winter. Be it indulging in a sleigh ride at Hatfield Farm or tobogganing on the Citadel Hill, there’s a lot to do and see in the city irrespective of how low the temperature drops. Nova Scotia is also a place that offers mountaineering in Canada.
8. Newfoundland: Labrador For Unique Experiences
The Marble Mountain is what makes Newfoundland a perfect place to visit for your winter vacations in Canada. From offering the best of  Canada winter sports in the eastern region to spectacular views, every day here is packed with unique experiences. This is amongst the best places to visit in Canada in winter.
9. Toronto: For One-Of-Its-Kind Experiences
If you embrace the winter season as much as the country does, then Toronto is the best city to visit in Canada in winter. The long, cold days and nights can be best enjoyed here by indulging in one-of-its-kind experiences like fat biking, taking a tour of the trails in the Don Valley, or witnessing the icebreaker installations at the waterfront.
10. Grouse Mountain: For An Incredible Winter
Of all theplaces to visit in Canada in December, Grouse Mountain in British Columbia is absolutely worth visiting. Winter in Canada not only takes you away from the crowd but also lets you have an incredible time in the snow with your loved ones!
11. Calgary: To Experience The Mystical Winters
To see what magic looks like, you need to visit Calgary in Alberta during the winter months. Being one of the best places to visit in Canada during winter, it makes your holiday a little less of a cliche by offering fun experiences like ice fishing and cross-country skiing. Irrespective of whom you visit here with, you’re sure in for a great time at one of the best places to visit in Canada in winter.
12. Quebec City: Stay In An Igloo
Snow baths, ice canoe races, a luxurious stay in an igloo, and the famous Quebec Winter Festival make this city a prime choice for experiencing the Canada winter at its best. If not with family or friends, you must definitely consider visiting here with your partner!
13. Winnipeg: Enjoy Skating At The Forks
From letting you party outside like a Voyageur, and skating on the longest naturally frozen trail to warming up indoors, Winnipeg is the best place for enjoying your Canada winter holidays . When here, make sure you also visit attractions like FortWhyte Alive and The Forks!
14. Ottawa: Indulge In Winter Camping
Boasting the largest outdoor skating rink in the world, Ottawa is amongst the top places to see in Canada in winter, and a paradise for people who love Canada winter. After skating for long hours on the Rideau Canal, you can explore the city and end the day on a warm note by dining at any of its gorgeous restaurants.
15. Whistler: Go Ice Climbing And Skating
This winter wonderland is the ideal place to visit, especially with your family if you wish to experience the best winter vacations in Canada. Situated in British Columbia, this ski capital of the country offers more fun adventures than just skiing, and cuts down the confusion of ‘where to go in Canada in December‘.