Australia is famous for its nature, and what’s a better way to explore it than through rural towns? Here are 5 beautiful rural towns that you can visit or live in.

Port Douglas

Situated in Far North Queensland, Port Douglas is a beautiful town right next to the ocean. The location of Port Douglas is right between the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree forest, making it a perfect place to relax and explore Australia’s nature. During your time there, you can go on boat or wildlife tour, as well as go scuba diving to explore the alluring reefs.


Broome is a resort town in Kimberley region, Western Australia. Desert there meets the ocean, making it an outstanding destination. You can visit cable beach and take a ride on a camel during your journey in Broome. You can also visit Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park and Animal Refuge. Most of all, however, you can just relax and enjoy the views Broome has to offer!

Coober Pedy

Known as the ‘opal capital of the world’, Coober Pedy is a breathtaking town in south Australia. The town has over 70 opal fields and is recognised as the world’s largest opal area in the world. Apart from that, the views of Coober Pedy definitely look like something from a sci-fi movie. During your time there, you can visit Breakaways Conservation park to admire the deserted views. You can also visit Faye’s Underground Home, which was dug by three women in 1960. It contains all the living essentials, as well as a big swimming pool. There are also various mines and churches situated underground that you can explore, their mysterious-looking layout can surely capture anyone’s attention. On top of all that, you can also visit a wrecked spaceship prop that was used in a movie Pitch Black!

The Spaceship Prop in Coober Pedy

Falls Creek

From magnificent deserts to dazzling ski resorts, Falls Creek is one of the colder places to be. The town is situated in northeastern Victoria and has great views of the Victorian Alps. You can enjoy the views of snowy mountains and go skiing and snowboarding there. Apart from it, Falls Creek also has helicopter tours around its’ beautiful scenery.


Home to one of the oldest surf clubs in the world, Yamba is situated in northern New South Wales. It is also a home to beautiful views and relaxing beaches. Apart from surfing and relaxing, you can view Yamba’s lighthouse or go Kayaking and Canoeing. Yamba is a perfect destination for those who want to unwind and take a break from the big city.

Exploring Australia’s rural areas means finding out more about the country’s culture and history, as well as discover more of nature. You can live in rural areas in Australia for up to four years on a Skilled Regional (provisional) visa (subclass 489). This visa is perfect for those who seek to discover Australia more in-depth and go to natives’ favourite places.