Thinking about signing up for an iec visa to live and work in Canada? A working holiday visa gives you the benefit of legally remaining in a country longer than you could, if you were just on a regular holiday.  

There are many different types of visas and working programs when it comes to Canada. Canada warmly welcomes immigration and international workers to it’s home, so it’s not surprise that there are many options.

These varied working visas in Canada allow you to work in some very cool places. In this blog, we look at a ski resort working holiday and the benefits of choosing such a job. Bear in mind, the skiing in resorts is not available all year round. For example, with Blue Mountain Canada, their ski season is open from mid December till mid April. This does differs between resorts, so you will want to check before you travel.

Meet new people

A ski resort is a huge place, full of different restaurants, camp sites, lodges and hotels. Canada in particular is a very popular destination for snowboarding and skiing. Canada has earned its reputation as one of the best ski locations in the world, thanks to its long winters, picturesque landscapes, and state-of-the-art facilities.

For this reason, this type of holiday attracts thrill seekers from all across the world. The potential to meet people from lots of different countries is vast, and this is an exciting way to make new friends!

On the job perks

Many resorts and employers offer discounted or even free activities whilst you are on your working holiday. These perks can include free/discounted meals, staff events, special rates, and free lessons!

Another very enticing perk is the gratuity potential. There are many tips to be earned whilst on your working holiday visa, and in a place such as a ski resort you can increase your wages! Customer service is an integral part of a company, and you can enhance traveller’s experiences through good care. People enjoy thanking staff when they have had a very pleasant experience!

Find a new hobby

No experience with skiing? No need to be concerned! The resorts has a variety of large beginner’s zones, a diversity of terrain suitable for beginners, and lots of lessons before you know it you will pick it up fast and have a blast!

However, making sure you’re fit and exercising before skiing is a bonus, you will need a lot of leg strength. If you’re laying in bed all week being lazy and all of the sudden you go skiing your body reacts differently, it will tire you and leave you sore making it non enjoyable as you are delaying the process of learning to ski whereas, if you are adventurous and in good health you’ll be an athlete in no time!

If you are panicky and nervous and view skiing as a daunting task, don’t let your fears and discomfort overcome you and miss out on the enjoyment of the beautiful breeze, snowflakes, sunshine and ski slopes! Skiing trips don’t come very often so make sure you take the opportunity to get out there and make the most out of it!