Body care, achievement, connecting with others and enjoyment. These are the four fundamentals of a fulfilled and fabulous life for a human-being and we think that Canada is the perfect place for this. Here are our reasons why…

From Montreal to Toronto or Hamilton to Edmonton, Canada boasts some of the most extraordinary cities and places to visit. With breath-taking views of crisp white mountain peaks and open lakes that reflect the blue skies so perfectly, you are never short of adventure or beautiful scenery.

Body care

An important aspect of body care is exercise. In Canada there are plenty of sports and activities you can get involved in. Snowboarding, skiing, and backpacking (to name a few) are some ways to get your body moving. We think that this makes an excellent team-bonding experience too, which is something that can be done with your new colleagues. There are many beautiful open lakes and rivers allowing for plenty of water sports and activities to be tried.


Consisting of work and chores, some great ways to feel a sense of achievement is after accomplishing a task. A new job can bring new opportunities and challenges, where better to start than in a totally fresh city? Don’t forget to journal your experiences. Journaling is an incredibly feel-good way to document all of your efforts, which can be re-visited later on.

Connecting with others

As an English-speaking country, living and working in Canada is a great choice to hit the ground running. With no language barrier, you can devote all of your time to exploring your new city and getting to know the locals. If you did want to learn another language whilst in Canada, French is another commonly-spoken language. Why not sign up for French lessons to brush up on your GCSE French? Canada would be an obvious choice when trying to incorporate English and French and we think that this would be a rewarding experience – even better if you are already fluent in French! (Comprenez vous?)

Canada has also been ranked inside the Top 10 friendliest countries, which is good to know before you relocate so it shouldn’t be too long before you make new friends!

Also bear in mind that the time difference between the UK and Canada is 5 hours, which will help you keep in touch with loved ones back home.


And finally, playtime. Canada is home to buzzing cities which scream great night life. Don’t forget all the wonderful sights you can see including Niagara Falls, the Royal Ontario Museum and Abraham Lake. Fancy sleeping under the Northern Lights in the British Columbia province or Alberta? It’s on our bucket list too…

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