Canada plans to attract one million people to live and work in the country in the next few years and one of the ways they do this is with the the holiday working vis agreement. The program, which allows young people to live and work in Canada for up to two years, has proved very successful over the last few years and expats can’t seem to get enough of Canada. Whether it’s the great quality of life on offer, or its amazing landscapes that have attracted you to the Great White North, here’s some essential things you’ll want to know before you land.


The job market is strong.

While unemployment is a big problem in the entire world, Canada struggles to fill their open job positions. The economic growth and the fact the population is aging lead to a shortage of skills in many domains. Young people who receive a IEC Canada Visa have an easier time finding employment in this country, compared to others.


Canada has a high quality healthcare system, which is very appealing for expats who come to test the local lifestyle or decide to make the country their home in the next years. The local healthcare is funded by the state and offers primary as well as secondary care free of charge. If you have to have a planned, non-urgent surgery you might have to wait a long time until you manage to get it, but for regular issues, the healthcare system works perfect for expats and tourists.

Low crime rate

For young people who receive a holiday working visa Canada is an attractive place to start a family, thanks to their low crime rate. The number of break-ins and violent crimes is very low. Locals are indeed friendly and welcome foreigner with joy, befriending them quickly.

Good social programs

Canada has many great social programs which treat people fair, providing them with opportunities to thrive in their new country. Most programs are focused on education and training, which is another great advantage for young people. The educational system is praised to be one of the best in the world, producing valuable minds for the country. Another important feature of Canada is the low discrimination rate: while most of the world struggles to fight this plague, Canada has little to none issues with discrimination, as everyone gets the same chance to make a great living.

The Great Outdoors

Among the main priorities of those who come on a IEC visa in Canada is to enjoy the Great Outdoors. The amazing landscapes can be admired during hiking trips, a ride on the bike or camping. In the winter you have to enjoy skiing or playing hockey. The summer provides opportunities for sunbathing and kayaking. As cities gather most of the population, most of the country consists of wilderness that attracts many adventurers each year.

Canada Working Holiday

High quality of life

As one can already imagine, the quality of life in Canada is high, the country being ranked as one of the best in global surveys. The high life expectancy, high gross income, the strong economic growth, the tiny rate of unemployment and the passion for the outdoors make Canada one of the best countries to live in.