By now, we should all be familiar with a bucket list. In case you need reminding, a bucket list is a list of experiences that someone hopes to accomplish during their lifetime.

Bucket lists can include the smallest to the wildest of dreams, and by creating one you can give yourself a sense of purpose or direction. It’s a great feeling when you accomplish something on your bucket list. Then, you can mentally or physically ‘tick it off’.

Travelling is usually on everybody’s bucket list, but it’s a good idea to get specific. The more specific, the better!

Here are our top five specific ideas for your bucket list.

Live and work abroad

Living and working abroad tends to end up on the wilder side of the spectrum. Often, this dream is not actually lived.

There are various reasons as to why somebody may not actually do it. Fear, loneliness, and job-hunting worries are included.

This is a great shame because a working holiday program gives you the best of both worlds. Whilst travelling and having adventure, you can continue to fund your trip.

We have opportunities across the globe, in countries such as Canada, Japan, Australia, and Costa Rica. Some working holiday programs include iec visa in Canada, 12 month working holiday, and 24 months too.

Visit the wonders of the world

How many of the wonders of the world can you name? The wonders of the word are usually ancient buildings or siting’s that us modern day folk often ponder on.

Due to the intricate details, and lack of modern-day machinery, some of these sights truly are a wonder.

Before setting off for your travels, you can start this mission right here in the UK! That’s right! Stonehenge, located in Salisbury, is a formation of huge rock boulders. To this day, the reason for building is still not known, and is mind-blowing to think that Stonehenge was built some 5,000 years ago. Some of the other wonders of the world include the Egyptian Pyramids, the Taj Mahal, and the Nazca lines in Peru.

Climb Mount. Fuji

Mount Fuji can be found in Japan and is a very famous mountain. Rising to 12,388 feet, the mountain is a popular choice for beginner climbers as the trail is of a moderate physical challenge.

A snowy peak can be seen at the top of the mountain and proves very inspirational for not only Japanese artists, but artists across the world. You may recognise the mountain in the ‘great wave’ artwork too.


Located in Turkey, Cappadocia is famous for its breath-taking views into the open sky. There is a hot air balloon sight nearby and once set off, they fill the sky with their multicolours and patterns. The views from the hotels in Cappadocia when the hot air balloons are in the sky make for a great Instagram photo, and a suitable place for a wedding proposal perhaps. Be sure to check this out against a sunrise or a sunset – totally picturesque.

USA road trip

Let’s face it, an American road trip is in all our favourite movies. Why not hire a car and hit the famous route 66?

Grab some mates and prepare a banging playlist!

For the ultimate experience, go for a convertible car to enjoy the sun of your face and the wind in your hair. Hold onto your hats’ folks!