Canada offers a lot of opportunities when it comes to traveling, as it has amazing cities and stunning wild areas. There is Toronto in the heart of the country with its huge cultural scene, the French city of Quebec and the fashion-forward Montreal; the list is longer than these three, so here are top X cities you need to visit while in Canada.



When you are on a holiday working visa Canada has a lot to offer, so you can start your journey in Vancouver. The city is set on the shores of Pacific Ocean and has a delightful climate all year-round. This means you can enjoy the beach in the summer and ski in the winter, but you can take a stroll in the city at any time, no matter the season. When you are ready to leave the fine dinning and high end shops of Vancouver, take a day trip to the near-by small towns in the mountains to enjoy some fresh air and beautiful sights.


Niagara Falls

No trip to Canada is complete without a visit to Niagara Falls, the most famous place in the country. You can visit the fall and walk right up to its edge to see the huge amount of water as it falls below you. The local city is also named Niagara Falls and has attracted many stuntmen over the years, which gave it a special, festive atmosphere.



The largest city in the country, Toronto attracts many people who come on  IEC Canada Visa to work at the near-by ski resorts. The city has a well-developed culture, so you will find ballet, opera and Broadway shows, as well as lots of amazing museums. If you want to enjoy good food just take a walk down the waterfront and you will find lots of restaurants. In the summer Toronto is the background for many outdoor concerts, so one can never get bored in this city. You can also enjoy a day at the beach in a hot summer day, as the city is surrounded by beautiful sand stripes. In the winter you can spend a day skating or attend the Winterlicious festival.



Quebec is the capital of the French-speaking province with the same name and has a rich history dating back to the 1600s. It is a small city, compared to other Canadian towns, but is is one of the most charming, being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. In winter the Carnaval de Quebec attracts lots of tourists, being one of the most popular event in the area.



When you come to Canada with a IEC visa you need to spend a couple of days in Montreal. Another French-speaking city, is has the same rich history as Quebec, but it is larger and known as the fashion capital of Canada. You will find lots of fashion designers and charming boutiques along the cobbled streets, so get ready for a long shopping session.

Once your holiday working visa gets approved you can start planning your trip to Canada and write your own bucket list of cities to visit and things to do.

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