Are you looking for a new job or considering a career change? Why not try Greece! Whether you’re looking to stay short-term or make the country your long-term home, Greece offers plenty of career opportunities. Here are 10 reasons why you should work in Greece:


Job Opportunities


With an unemployment rate of around 20%, there are lots of jobs in Greece that need to be filled. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced professional, a skilled technician, or someone just entering the job market – there is something for everyone in Greece!

Besides, we live for the experiences but we need money in order to have those experiences.


10 Reasons to work in Greece


Quality Of Life


Greeks are known for their high quality of life at affordable ranges. With affordable housing, great food, beautiful beaches and breathtaking mountain ranges, and an amazing Mediterranean climate. It’s no wonder why Greeks rank among the happiest people in the world.

The food in Greece is delicious and ecological, with plenty of it! Greek people love food and know how to make it, so exploring culinary delights is your thing. then it’s the perfect place to be for your working holiday! From seafood to Greek salads, to world-renown Greek sweets and treats – you are definitely going to love it all.


Professional Networks


Professional networks are highly important in the Greek workforce, with contacts and relationships helping you find job opportunities, network and grow in your career.

You get the opportunity to develop your communication skills within your new professional networks. Communication between two people shouldn’t only happen between people who understand each other. Use your Greece Working Holiday experience as an opportunity to understand the cultural differences that exist between you and the locals.

It goes without saying that you’ll also make many new, diverse friendships in the process!


Multilingual Workplace


With two official languages (Greek and English), and many regional dialects, you can use your language skills to great advantage in Greece. The country is very international though, and you could find yourself working alongside representatives of various countries, who you are sure to exchange words and phrases with. Take this opportunity to learn a bit of everything: from Russian to Italian, to Spanish!


Multicultural Environment


In a world of increasing globalization, there is no better place than Greece to experience different cultures. There are strong and long-lasting relationships with the UK, the US, China, and the Arab countries.


10 reasons to work in greece


Opportunities for Creativity


Working in Greece gives you the freedom to be creative and innovative. Greek organizations encourage creativity and offer great support and resources to help you create and market new products and services.

You’ll also learn to be adaptive, which also requires creativity. A working experience, whatever the environment, is a great way to put your skills and yourself to the test. Being away from home is difficult, but then you discover parts of you that you could never put at work while being home. So embrace the experience, and be open to learning every single day.


Cost of Living


As mentioned before, the cost of living in Greece is lower than in other EU countries. You’ll find groceries, transport, and general everyday items more affordable. Master how you manage your finances, how you save, how you spend, etc. And you could find yourself completely economically independent throughout your time there.



10 reasons to work in greece

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Greek Culture


See Greek culture up close! Visit some of the most important monuments and ancient sites in human history. Swim on the beaches of some of the most famous islands where everyone dreams to vacation during a perfect, long Greek summer. Discover the way the Greeks party, dance, eat, talk, and so much more.


 Good Education


Greek universities offer top-notch educational opportunities. As well as this, most universities have English language departments, making the language barrier much easier to cross.

Improved Tax System


Greece is making efforts to reduce the number of people in tax evasion and boost the economy by introducing favourable taxation schemes and introducing a fairer system of taxes.