Greece, the country in South-Eastern Europe, is also nicknamed the Blue Country because of its amazing blue seaside that continues into the blue horizon making you feel free and limitless.

We thought of 10 reasons why you should give it a very serious thought!

  1. Let’s start with this: you should work in Greece just because you’ll be cool! International migration of workface is now popular and easier than ever. And travelling to Greece for seasonal work makes you part of the moving world! It will give you a general feeling of how it is to be working abroad, yet being seasonal work, will allow you to return and share your impressions home!
  2. Develop your communication skills, most important in today’s world when you meet people from abroad as often as you meet people from other cities. And communication doesn’t involve only a language we should both speak to understand each other but also the cultural differences that teach us to be more tolerant towards each other. So, what could be better than going into international environment and meet people from all over Europe?
  3. And of course, learn a new language! And that shouldn’t be necessarily Greek because you work in Greece! The country is very international, thus you will work side by side with representatives of various countries with whom you are sure to exchange words and phrases. So, learn a bit of everything: that difficult Russian, floating Italian, musical Spanish!
  4. Money sometimes is the answer! We live for the experiences, but we need money in order to let those experiences happen. Being economically independent is an advantage. You need to master these skills the earlier the better: how to manage the finances, what savings to do, how to spend wisely, etc. Money is a responsibility you should master well.
  5. This leading us to the question of responsibility in general. If you want to have the right to stay alone, to travel wherever you want, to study what you choose not your parents – you should take responsibility for your choices. Coming to work for a season in Greece (all by yourself!) teaches you to organize your trip, sign your first contract, manage your finances, and so much more!
  6. It goes without saying that you shall make many new friends! The seasonal personnel that come to work in Greece are as diverse as possible! Not only you exchange words and phrases in various languages, but also create bonds and befriend people who will live close of far, in a similar to your country or completely different. Making new friends gives you a chance to expand your horizon.
  7. See Greek culture from close. Visit (instead of reading about!) most important monuments, ancient sites, get famous Greek dresses or sandals that remind of the ancient past, visit one of the most ancient cities in the world (Athens) or swim on the beaches of most famous islands where everyone dreams to vacation during the long Greek summer. Discover the Greek way to party, dance and eat, Greek way to talk, and so much more.
  8. FOOD. Yes, all in capital letters. Food in Greece is delicious, ecological and there is plenty of it. Greek people love food and know how to make it, so being around for work and holidays is just part of you great experience, food makes the top of it! Seafood, Greek salad, Greek sweets, you are definitely going to love it all.
  9. Learn to be adaptive. A working experience, whatever the environment, is a way to test yourself, see how fast, how slow, how flexible you can be or on the contrary what struggles you had may encounter and how you will deal with them. Being away from home is difficult, but then you discover parts of you that you could never put at work while being home. So embrace the experience, and be open to learn every single day.
  10. Home sweet home is never that dear as after you return after being abroad. Just get ready for the post-summer depression and keep contact with people who are now across the continent and arrange visits to each other while coming back to your normal reality. Enjoy telling the stories, enjoy being taken care of by your family, and get ready for a new experience in the year to come!